Little Big House – A Brief Review

December 6, 2017

Last week I walked into a recently renovated 1889 building to discover a tastefully decorated pub and bar surrounded by inviting staff and a warm atmosphere that made me immediately think “I like this place”.  

On behalf of She Brisbane I attended the Solotel hospitality groups Little Big House launch, their first “taste and view” of their new venue in 271 Grey Street, South Point in Southbank.

It was easy to see why they will be Brisbane’s newest house party destination, and it felt right.  I have attended enough launches over the years to know what appeals to me and where to make an effort to return.

I shared the lovely afternoon with my fellow She Brisbane writer, Michelle Beesley who will provide a wonderful summary of the yummy local food and refreshing drinks sampled at the launch.   

Little Big House’s appeal for me, is that it caters for the young and the young at heart, yes the older ones as well the youngies and is the reason why I felt right at home.  

I also liked the way the designers have added a modern Australian touch and at the same time retained the Queenslander feel of the building.

You have the opportunity to choose select areas inside to dine/drink or you can hang out on the veranda to feel the breeze under the shaded deck.  

We also found a dedicated private karaoke room downstairs and I couldn’t resist getting a photo taken in the dress-up items provided.  

The great thing is the train station is only a few metres from the entrance. No excuses now.

Ruth Greening on Blogger
Ruth Greening
On the birth of her two grandsons, Ruth Greening experienced an awakening in her life and entering Gen GP (Generation Grandparent) she was given the moniker Nanny Babe as her 'grandmother' title. She found things had changed since her child rearing days, and an adjustment to new parenting concepts was required. Hence the birth of the Nanny Babe blog from a baby boomers perspective.

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