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November 18, 2016

We may well have been from diverse backgrounds socially, emotionally, culturally, financially and age range,  but there is one thing we all had in common,  a passion for making jewellery.

Two hours on this particular Saturday morning  had been dedicated to one objective….learning how to make the ‘Retro Design Necklaceretro-necklace-made-at-class

When I rang and booked the Peppertown Gemworld ( workshop at Virginia, northside of Brisbane a week earlier, I momentarily  hesitated as the website picture of the creative piece we were due to make looked rather intricate and could require lots of patience and perseverance.

However, the desire to learn a new skill and adorn my outfits with a new piece of artwork  in two hours, was enough to tempt me.

I soon found out how difficult it was to count six micro chain links from a long length of chain and repeat the process  numerous times in order to produce varied lengths. The idea was to have a bead attached on one end to dangle from each piece of chain.

I didn’t have my magnifying glass and most of us in the class had declining eyesight.  Needless to say repetition and patience helps one to improve.  

I am sure our instructor, Nina, took great pleasure seeing our anguish. She had already  experienced this when she prepared a sample for us to copy.

But above all, Nina was patient. The combination of her experience and consoling laughter was what we all needed as she ensured us it would get easier. And it did, once we got over the hurdle of cutting  small lengths of micro chain.

I have attended Gemworld workshops before. At first it was a little daunting with new creations but  we eventually get there. Workshop participants  support each other as we  have different skill levels and are all there to learn.jewellery-class-1

It  had been a while since making an intricate piece and I felt  out of  touch. My skill returned quickly and I  picked up my pace. The reassuring thought was no-one in our group put any pressure on the others and we had Nina!

The workshops are relaxed, enjoyable and inexpensive.  It can depend  on the piece you are making, however, as a two hour class may cost between $25 and $40. This includes the materials you use, discounts on purchases that day, a cup of tea/coffee and “low fat cake”.

I recommend you take pen and note book and I always take a photo of the sample. It provides comfort when reproducing the same piece on your own at home. Why don’t you give it a try sometime. There are a few workshops around Brisbane, I just happen to like Gemworld which is relocating “just up the road” to Geebung next year.

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