Shaun The Sheep’s Circus Show

March 20, 2021

Listening to the echo of children’s excited giggles at QPACs Lyric theatre throughout the night warmed our adult souls. Their laughter was pure delight, flowing from their heart.

I had a smile on my face as internationally-acclaimed Australian circus ensemble Circa academy and Award®-winning studio Aardman took us for a visit to Mossy Bottom Farm.
While the audience was introduced to Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show, governed around sheep, it made me think of the pet lamb my brother and I had as kids.

He dared me to ride it like a horse, which I did and consequently ended up in the prickly plum bush when it bucked me off. There wasn’t laughter then, tears if I remember correctly. I asked mum years later what happened to our pet lamb, her reply “we ate it” as it wasn’t a pet it was being groomed to feed a family of six.

Strange how a funny show on sheep can set off old memories and take adults back to their youth. I hope when the young audience grows up their memories will ignite a smile too but not from the same experience as mine.

Based on the multi-award-winning and much-loved TV series Shaun the Sheep, we were privileged to attend the fulfilled world premiere full of movement, dance, theatre and circus.

Nimble-footed athletics bleated and baa’d the audience with their playful charm and high flying acrobats to bring to life on stage this wonderfully refreshing story of our favourite sheep Shaun. His woolly flock of friends were ‘awe-inspiring’ with their circus feats.

Circa Artistic director, Yaron Lifschitz succeeded in his plan to entertain across generations as we all had fun taken into a fictitious world.

Shaun is a sheep who chooses to lead the flock into all sorts of scrapes and scrap. He turns a peaceful valley into mayhem whether it be tormenting the weary postman or escaping the havoc of a runaway tyre. Poor Bitzer the sheepdog he doesn’t know where he is at and the farmer oblivious to the flock’s antics.

Shaun the Sheep’s Circus Show is must-see entertainment full of heart-warming comedy delights and daredevil acrobatics.

Age recommendation 3 years and older
Scheduled national tour dates:
Now playing in Brisbane to 21 March
Groups, schools, weekends, matinee’s and evenings
Cairns 26-28 March
Mackay 2 & 3 April
Melbourne 14 & 18 April
Wollongong 19-23 May
Shaun Comerford, Yaron Lifschitz with QPAC, Screen Queensland, Merrigong Theatre Company, and Circa Contemporary Circus for Australia wide information @QueenslandPerformingArtsCentre @CircaPresents #ShaunTheSheepCircus @ShaunTheSheepCircus

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