#SheReviews Hollywood Scent by Nick Winters

August 30, 2019

I devour books from all different genre’s depending on what I am seeking or on recommendation.  It may be for historical interest, learning, self-help, biographies, memoir, romanticism, crime or purely a means to jump into new world and escape from the one we live in. 

Meet author: Nick Winters

My most recent book was acquired following an invitation from Caroline Russo PR as a representative of SheSociety to attend a book launch at Avid Reader Bookstore in Brisbane’s West End and to meet Brisbane writer Nick Winters. Actor, radio and TV presenter Nick can proudly add author to his list of credentials. Nick’s first novel is titled Hollywood Scent and from the first two lines, I was hooked. 

Nick has lived in Hollywood for an extensive period and his understanding of Tinsel Town is evident throughout his story. It was interesting to hear about Nick’s life as he was interviewed by host Teneille Douglas. Since a young child he has put pen to paper, travelled extensively throughout USA and Europe, loves movies, nature, and like most true novelists, spends time in cafes writing his way through cups of coffee.  

In his quiet warm persona, Nick read a small excerpt to his appreciative audience. I wanted him to read on. There is something special when authors read out loud from their own work, particularly when it has an immediate effect on you.  Needless to say I was keen to dive into my personally signed copy of Hollywood Scent ASAP.  

The story: Hollywood Scent

Nick quickly paints a picture that evokes intrigue and suspense. His femme fatale character, stunning Lillian Kelly manifests from an innocent shy soul Helen Elliot whose life as a seamstress, obsessed with old-time Hollywood, is twisted around when she is transformed to become something she should never have wished for. 

It is the infusion of witch craft into the Hollywood scene that captures my attention. We soon discover how lives are affected by a dangerous elixir whose scent lures and traps some of Hollywood’s biggest and wealthiest male influencers in the movie industry. 

Ancient spells, supernatural evil, missing persons, murder, power, sex, revenge, and ritzy Hollywood glamour, all for the sake of fame. Is it all worth it and will Helen survive her fate and who will believe her anyway? But let us not forget Helen’s dedicated friends and an insistent LA police investigator Jimmy Karson. Can they save the day or is Helen as we know her, trapped for eternity under Lillian’s stronghold. I mustn’t give too much away, you need to read it for yourself! 

Thank you for taking me down your world of Hollywood Scent, Nick Winters and as you say “be careful what you wish for”. 

Available from www.amazon.com.au, www.avidreader.com.au www.booktopia.com.au