#SheWatches The Food Club

February 4, 2021


In late 2019 before Covid became famous, I was in Tuscany, Italy attending a writing workshop. I consumed saporous cuisines, sipped on Aperol spritz, swirled local reds around my gums, and shared stories with old and new friends. 

This week in 2021, I was almost back there. Transported by film but to a different type of workshop, cooking,  and a different Italian region, Puglia. That familiar warm feeling crept through my veins as I sat in the cinema watching The Food Club. 

The Story

Based around three lifelong girlfriends from Denmark, who travel to Puglia, Italy to attend a cooking workshop where they have the opportunity to redefine themselves and their friendship

Marie’s marriage was falling apart, feeling worthless and abandoned. Berling, although weary, was trying to maintain her bachelorette lifestyle while ignoring her complicated relationship with her daughter. Vanja, holding onto memories of her late husband as it unknowingly held her back from life in general. It’s about friendships, strengthened camaraderie, and being there for one another.

Watching the movie, I was thinking of Under the Tuscan Sun, The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel movies. Along with The Food Club, they share similar flavours yet own their uniqueness. 

The scenery takes us to Fyn, Denmark, and of course Italy where their workshop is held. During their classes I could almost smell the aromas as fresh herbs were tossed into bubbling tomato sauces, and yearned to dip my spoon to taste.  

Director, Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg worked with a wonderful cast of women and men who appeared to be having fun in its making.  

I was laughing and nodding over references to the senior women by their younger cooking classmates and applauded the level of energy these more mature women  exuberated when in pursuit of a young thief. 

The Director described her movie perfectly “The Food Club is a warm, humorous, feel good and life-affirming film about friendship, food, and women over 60. About finding yourself – and sometimes love – at a late age, and the importance of always appreciating and being there for your closest friends. Because if you nurture and take good care of them, the best ones are for life!”

A wonderful movie with a moral to watch during these strange times. 

Cast and Production

Director: Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg

Producer: Nina Lyng & Eva Juel Hammerich Scriptwriter: Anne-Marie Olesen Thinghuus

Co-producer and Company/Country: Adriano Bassi & Lara Calligaro,  Lume Film, Italy

Executive Producer(s): Adriano Bassi & Lara Calligaro, Tine Klint, Barbara Topsøe-Rothenborg,

Nynne Selin Eidnes, Nina Lyng & Eva Juel Hammerich 

Key Cast: Kirsten Olesen,  Stina Ekblad,  Kirsten Lehfeldt

Cast: Troels Lyby Mia Lyhne Rasmus, Botoft Michele Venitucci, Peter Hesse Overgaard 

Languages spoken: Danish, English & Italian

Released in cinemas 4 February 2021


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