“The Dandelion” By Terry Guilford

April 28, 2017

The decline in mental health can be attributed to broken relationships. Many people are unsure how to deal with it or wonder if what they experience is normal i.e. do other people feel the same way?

For many of us we may only require a little guidance and self help books can be a supportive alternative, even when you don’t look for it.

Have you ever been in a situation when someone lends you a book on another person’s recommendation? You are hesitant at first only to discover a story that is a little bit different plus enjoyable. I found this to be the case recently.

A close friend received a book from her mother. It was written by her mother’s friend Terry Guilford a mother, grandmother and a fledging author. Terry is also a practising psychologist who lives in country Victoria, Australia. “The Dandelion” is written in the first person and printed as an A5 sized 186 paged paperback.

I found this easier for me to digest given my hectic lifestyle and could pop into my handbag for travel. I read a few pages each night, however this grew into more once I bonded with the main character Katherine. I found it difficult to turn off the bedside light.

The story is about Katherine, a woman who discovers her husband’s betrayal and is initially paralysed with fear. She is afraid to mention it to him in case he leaves her so she goes to see a psychologist who applies a specific principle in her practice.  With the compassionate guidance of this psychologist, she finds her own courage, joy and power.

This is a woman who was in denial about her unhappy marriage. I wondered if the author, Terry, applied her work experiences from client therapeutic sessions and then intertwined them into a novel with characters that readers could identify with.

I could relate to Katherine’s story and felt that it would appeal to most women depending on their situation. I realised this novel was actually a self-help book. Katherine, was writing a letter to her husband of twenty six years about how she felt.

Katherine begins with “My dearest, darling Michael”…

She asks herself a myriad of questions that for years she was too scared to answer. She eventually shares them with her close girl friends. Her questions are in the book and for answers you will need to read the story.

You may nod in agreement if you have experienced similar circumstances, even acknowledge how the characters feel. There are many “what ifs”, self doubt, denial, hope, fear, joy. You share Katherine’s journey of self discovery that has a number of unexpected twists and turns. Eventually you reach an outcome you may not have predicted.

Terry quotes “people have the power to be, do and have whatever is important to them”. There is a focus on the power of thought and through Terry’s book she encourages people to become aware of their beliefs and their purpose in life.

As a good friend should, I returned “The Dandelion” however have since purchased as an eBook for reference on my iPad. You can also purchase at Amazon shops online for very little outlay. Highly recommend.

Ruth Greening on Blogger
Ruth Greening
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