10 Apps To Help You Stick To Your 2022 Resolutions

December 16, 2021


The end of the year is fast approaching and it’s time to start thinking about those New Year resolutions.

From losing weight to getting more productive, we start the year with a long list of things we aspire to achieve.

However, keeping New Year resolutions is easier said than done. But thanks to technology we can now turn to our phones to keep us on track this coming year.

Here are 10 apps to help you keep your New Year resolutions in 2022

  • HabitBull

If you want to break bad habits like nail biting or even smoking, Habitbull will help you break your bad habits or start to build positive ones. Just choose which habits you’d like to log and check in daily to monitor your success (it’ll remind you if you forget). HabitBull isn’t restricted to yes-or-no tracking either and lets you track things like workout length or number of drinks. The app lets you view graphs to help monitor your success over time and will keep you accountable.

  • Duolingo

Is 2019 finally the year you start learning a language? If so, it’s time to check out Duolingo. You’ve probably heard of this app before but it really is great for learning a language. Duolingo offers over 30 languages including French, Italian, Korean, Spanish and Russian. Using personalised lessons, you can practice reading, writing, speaking and listening and track your progress over time to see how far you’ve come.

  • Goodbudget

If you’re interested in managing your finances and saving money in 2019, than you need to try Goodbudget. Goodbudget is a personal finance app for budget planning and money management. You can sync across multiple devices and even share with your spouse or family. Create “envelopes” for each of your expenses and track how much you have left to spend on the go. Make sense of your budgeting and spending with in-app reports. Goodbudget is a good way to get your spending under control and help you achieve your budget goal.

  • Calm

If 2019 was a stressful year it might be time to get into meditation. Calm offers a range of tracks including meditation programs, calming music tracks, sleep stories and calm masterclasses. From anxiety to trouble sleeping, Calm has something for everyone. If you’re a parent check out the “kids” category for mindfulness content developed for children ages 5-17. Calm is perfect for beginners, intermediate and advanced users and has guided meditation sessions that fit into anyone’s schedule.

  • Nike Training Club

As the holiday season comes to an end, getting fit often features as a New Year resolution. But walking into a gym can be intimidating, especially if you’re not sure what to do. Nike Training Club offers over 185 free workouts to help you get back into exercising after the Christmas period. Don’t worry if you’re not a seasoned athlete, Nike offers workouts for all users from beginners to advanced. The Nike Training Club offers personalised training plans and recommendations and the more you use the app the more personalised the recommendations will be. The New Year can be a busy time so give Nike’s short workouts a try when you don’t have time to commit to a full workout.

  • Lifesum

Alongside exercise, eating healthier is a common New Year resolution. If you’re looking to change up your diet in the New Year, give Lifesum a try. Lifesum offers a diet planner, food tracker, calorie counter and healthy recipes all in one place. Offering a range of diet plans, Lifesum will help you find the plan that best suits you.

  • Sleep Cycle

If you’re a restless sleeper or just want a deeper sleep, try out Sleep Cycle alarm clock. Sleep Cycle is an intelligent alarm clock that tracks you sleep patterns and wakes you up when you’re in a light sleep. You go through different sleep phases (deep and light sleep) as you sleep. Which phases you’re woken up in from your alarm can affect how well rested you feel. Sleep Cycle finds the optimal time when you are in light sleep to wake you up leaving you feeling rested and energised.

  • Livestrong

If you’re a smoker and 2019 feels like the year to quit, download Livestrong. The MyQuit Coach app gives you your own personalised plan to help you quit smoking. You can choose to quit cold turkey or at a pace that works for you. The app helps you keep track of the cigarettes you smoke and gives you goal-based achievements to remind you of your progress and keep you motivated. Livestrong also lets you be apart of a community where you can hear from other people their experiences with quitting.

  • 24me

24me is a smart personal assistant that will help boost your productivity. Combining your calendar, tasks, notes and personal accounts, the 24me app is designed to save you time. The app will sync all you calendars including Google, Microsoft Outlook, Apple and more. Using smart alerts, 24me will alert you on traffic conditions, weather alerts and upcoming events. 24me can also be shared with friends and family or used at work to share important tasks and upcoming meetings.  

  • Skyscanner

If you have decided you want to travel more in 2019, than Skyscanner is the app for you. Skyscanner is great for booking cheap flights, hotels and car hire. The app lets you search, compare and book all in one place. Skyscanner Price Alerts will notify you of any price changs so you can always get the cheapest flight. Tailor your results by airline, flight length, stopovers, cabin class and departure and arrival times to help you find your perfect flight. Skyscanner will also help you find great hotel deals by comparing hundreds of hotels, bed and breakfasts, apartments and hostels. Skyscanner is your one stop shop for your next holiday.

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