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March 11, 2020

MC: Lewis Lee Cinematographer: Shing Fung Cheung

Qld Film TV Industry’s (formerly Qld Film TV Events) invitation for She Society to attend their red carpet “Behind The Lens” film presentations and panel discussion was well received.  I was intrigued when organiser Caroline Russo emailed me the details. It was my first time attending an event like this for the film and television industry.  

This insightful evening at Events Garden City Mt Gravatt was aimed at anyone in the industry. The guest list was impressive. It included talented, successful award winning experts who indeed worked hard behind the lens. I was introduced to cinematographers, directors, producers, screen writers, actors, music composers, authors. What a wonderful way for people in the industry to unite. 

Panel members: L-R Tony O’Loughlan, Nino Martinetti, Caroline Russo, Shing Fung Cheung

The panel members had a wealth of experience and shared their fascinating stories with an appreciative audience. 

Nino Martinetti, an International Director of Photography and Camera Operator’s has forty years of filmmaking. Tony O’Loughlan an Australian Cinematographer whose international career spans across thirty years, is presently working on our local production of Harrow. Shing Fung Cheung who migrated to Australia from Hong Kong as a young boy, completed his BA in Film and TV at Griffith University, continued on with a Masters in Cinematography and also has a list of achievements both overseas and locally.  They reinforced our appreciation of the incredible artistry and lateral thinking needed behind the lens and how mandatory it is to achieve success. When Tony was asked about success his response was “just keep making films, just keep making stuff, it’s about collaboration”.

We were also honoured to have Lewis Lee OAM as our MC, hear from guest speaker John Preston, local representative for Runcorp a wonderful supporter of the industry, and from local business sponsors. 

L – Lewis Lee(OAM)   R – Surenda Prasad (OAM), Caroline Russo, John Preston

When asked how Caroline managed to develop her amazing network, this is what she had to say:

The Film TV network began on the Gold Coast nearly Ten years ago whose first home was HOTA (Home Of The Arts),  also called Gold Coast Arts Centre.  I built it up over my years and then moved on to The Star for two big events,  until the renovators moved in and found my new  home base in East Nightclub Broadbeach. This was a 5 star screen stage venue that drew in hundreds to the event and showcased filmmakers and other artists in music and dance.

Over my  25 years I also built strong relationships in the Gold Coast and Brisbane as both a Media and PR Events company. I worked many events and have developed strong associations with  Multi-Cultural organisations. This is where I began to work closely with the Chinese Community and consequently lead me to work with Golden Dragon Boat Race. I was invited to Australian China Chamber of CEO’s, as media director and then film consultant.

As a result of this I made a few trips to China and came to understand their culture which lead to more film festivals in Australia, sponsorship, and my growing interest in working the co pro market with Asia.

Now based in Brisbane, with many of the events we have worked alongside Event Cinemas since last year and aim to build more target speakers and showcase local work. What better way to see your work on the big screen.

It is a great supportive industry and I love it. It comes from passion and drive from all forces. To have the Gold Coast Council and Screen Queensland for added support, as well as many professionals in business including the leaders in Film Festivals, is wonderful as they trust me on how I do things.

But I discovered the evening was more than a learning and network event. It was about community spirit, helping different groups achieve their objectives. Caroline is passionate about her work, obviously loves it and achieves results.  She recognises the need to help the community by connecting people. Caroline provides a platform for the collaboration of artists involved in film making and helps them showcase their work. And at every event she still manages to incorporate raising funds for various causes.  

The previous event with QLD Film TV Industry was held to sponsor fledging filmmaker Madison Marneros premiere her Short Film, “Bloodline”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GOXR3W0wOWs

How wonderful to see the support and development of our young Australian filmmakers.

L-R: Caroline Russo and Madison Marneros

Qld Film TV Industry events have some exciting concepts for the future. The functions are held approximately every quarter and you can connect on Facebook for future events.  www.hushhushbiz.com 

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