5 Tips That Will Change The Way You Style Your Home!

August 4, 2017

So you’ve signed the dotted line, you have a house that is all yours! Congrats! No more share­ houses, no more rental living- you are free to plan, decorate and create a humble abode that you can call home sweet home. To help you squash the building stress of “what style do I choose?” or “what colour palette will last the test of time?” we have compiled an essential guide to have your place screaming #housegoals.

Statement artwork

A statement piece of art will instantly transform any space. A guaranteed conversation piece, the artwork you pick should be a representation of your personal style. When choosing the perfect piece always consider its colour and place in the room. If you want the art to show off a main colour, for example tiffany blue, keep the surrounding furnishings in neutral and warm tones and let the artwork do the talking. If you are after a classic, styled piece, Kerrie Hess’ hand-painted designs will create a feeling of movement and splash of colour for the perfect finish to any room.

App-solutely perfect

Dread that feeling when you get home with your newly acquired interior buys to find they don’t fit, or are not what you imagined they would be in the space? Yep, we’ve all been there. Forgo that feeling with the revolutionary app, Houzz. Letting you try before you buy, the app places your wish-list furnishings in a 3D viewing format, so you never have to regret spending money on furniture again!

A design course never goes astray

Knowing where to start decorating your home can be overwhelming. If you desire that Pinterest, I just subtly threw everything together but it looks impeccable, look then a design course is for you! From styling your bookcase to knowing what hues will brighten your house, an online interior design course will inspire your creative decor senses. Australian interior duo Judy and Jess from Verandah House offer a six week online Design Series course, which will well and truly ignite your passion for interiors.

Design your own couch

Investing in a comfy couch, is an essential for any living room. Whether the room is oversized, on the smaller side or in an odd comer spot, Freedom offers a solution to any tricky space. Letting its customer’s custom design their own couch, the opportunity to create your perfect lounging accessory to suit your style is here! From the fabric and shape to the foot finishes and size there are now endless opportunities when it comes to your couch!

Mirror, mirror

They’re a decorative element that can add instant glamour and sophistication to any area. A quick way to vastly expand the sense of space in a room, a mirror is a simple feature that can create a distinct zone in a room. Remember when mounting your mirror to ensure the reflection is worth having. No one wants to see into your bathroom or neighbours back yard!

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