5 Healthiest Spreads In Your Pantry 

June 17, 2021


Whether it’s your breakfast staple or a quick 3pm snack, a tasty and nutritious spread is optimal for a healthy and fulfilling lifestyle. What once were deemed ‘naughty’ and bad for you, the spread market has been revolutionised with the introduction of healthy alternatives to household favourites.

Here are 5 of the healthiest spreads you need in your pantry.


This cult favourite has added it’s way into the kitchen and it is here to stay. Avocados are the perfect butter or margarine alternative, beneficial for your health and taste buds. The rich and creamy fruit pairs deliciously with a sourdough or your choice of bread, packed with vitamins and minerals. Not only does smashed avo on toast boost your Instagram aesthetic, the health benefits are undeniable. The nutritious spread fulfils you with Vitamin K, Vitamin C and Vitamin B5 and B6 as well as Folate and Potassium, all serving you great health benefits. Avocados also are a low-carb option without containing any cholesterol or sodium and loaded with monounsaturated fatty acids, perfect for that heart of yours. 

Mayvers Peanut Butter

Wanting a healthy alternative to the classic peanut butter? Mayver’s Peanut butter range is 100% natural, solidifying the once unhealthy spread into a protein superfood. This peanut butter carries that sense of nostalgia filled with the spread, whilst providing you with incomparable health benefits including protein, healthy fats and essential nutrients. Made naturally by simply crushing peanuts and adding a pinch of salt, Mayvers Peanut Butter has become a number one pantry staple. Sam Wood, health and fitness extraordinaire and Mayver’s ambassador says, 

Peanut butter is a great way to add a boost of protein into your diet and keep you fuller for longer, which can be especially helpful between lunch and dinner time when hunger can strike”.  

The sugar free and vegan spread is delicious and nutritious spread is perfect for your morning meal, as well as tasting fantastic in smoothies, wraps, pancakes and protein balls. Along with its taste and ultimate health benefits, Mayver’s Peanut butter range includes ‘Mega-jars’ holding 750g of goodness for just $8.50 at your local Woolworths. An affordable, healthy and delicious pantry staple. 

40% Less Salt^ Vegemite

The Australian classic has been a household staple in our homes for generations, and now the spread megabrand has introduced a 40% less salt jar, filled with the same deliciousness and nostalgia as the original, whilst being a healthier alternative to the cult classic. Vegemite 40% Less Salt^ adapts the same taste with the added health benefits of vitamins B6 and B12, great for metabolism and improving the immune system. The original Vegemite already was a great and delicious healthy spread, heavy in nutritional value; low in calories and carbs with the 40% Less Salt Vegemite decreasing sodium intake whilst fulfilling the same irresistible taste. 

Mayver’s Almond Spread

The introduction to diversifying nuts use in foods has revolutionised the health foods market, including spreads. Like the Peanut butter, Mayver’s almond butter range is 100% natural, leaving out oil, sugar and salt into its nutritional and delicious blend. ‘ Just 1 Ingredient Crunched ‘n Bottled ‘, the almond butter deluxe range has no traces of gluten or cholesterol but jam packed with naturally sweet and roasted almonds. 

Meluka Raw Honey 

For a sweet spread substitute, raw and organic honey is perfect for battling those sweet cravings as well as consuming a natural superfood. Meluka’s Raw Honey range is certified organic and 100% natural, full of nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants, accompanied with natural prebiotics whilst containing no artificial additives, pesticides, herbicides and antibiotics. The 100% real honey Meluka offers is deliciously sweet and pairs perfect with your breakfast and snack staples.

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