5 Ideas for Mother’s Day

May 10, 2018

With Mother’s Day coming up this Sunday, we thought of some excellent ideas that will help make your mother/grandmother’s day even more special.

1. Breakfast in bed should honestly be a regular occurrence but make this Mother’s Day one to remember by going all out. How about some french toast, chocolate croissants or delicious pancakes topped with strawberries and cream. Get the kids involved for even more fun and turn that breakfast into 5 star quality, with flowers and homemade cards.

2. If you’re stuck for a gift idea, then purchase one of your mum’s favourite books or maybe get the book version of her favourite film. Make sure you choose the hardcover edition and pen a heartfelt note in the front cover. As an added bonus you could add in a cute little bookmark as well.

3. Donating to a charity on behalf of your mum is also a brilliant gift idea as by picking a cause that is close to her heart, she’ll appreciate it so much more. Figure out where her interests lie, or what she’s most passionate about and go from there. Some suggestions include the RSPCA, The National Breast Cancer Foundation and UNICEF.

4. Even though they are extremely cheesy and some people may think they are cop outs, coupon books can be useful and a fun gift. While you can always have the basic coupons like washing the dishes or mowing the lawn, you can make them more personable to your mum’s needs. Or even add in ones like treating her to a spa day or taking her out to see a movie.

5. Is there one activity that your mum loves to do but that you absolutely hate and even though she tries her hardest to get you involved you always refuse? Well now’s the time to make your mother’s day and treat her to a day of her favourite activity. Whether that be hiking, sailing, bowling or bridge, be a trooper and get involved.

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