5 Things You Need From Daiso

June 20, 2018

Image: Classie

If you are yet to experience Daiso then I have just one question for you…. What have you been doing with your life? Seriously, Daiso has things that you didn’t even realise you needed until you saw it. Oh and did I mention it’s all under $5?

1- Cleaning Slippers

Do yourself a favour and get yourself a pair of cleaning slippers. As you walk around on the tiles the shaggy sole will ‘polish’ the tiles for you, so you don’t even realise you are cleaning. They also come in children’s sizes so you can sneakily get your little ones in on the act.

Image: Daiso AU

2- Stationery

If you want stationery that will set you apart from others, then Daiso is the place for you. Sticky notes with cats, funky pens of all colours, staplers with cute little flowers, notepads with all sorts of quirky designs, what more could you want?

Image: Daiso AU

3- Containers

If you are a container collecting fiend, then you need to check out the assortment at Daiso. Don’t let the cheap prices fool you, this stuff is decent.

Image: Pinterest

4- Hair Accessories

Spice up your hair do with a funky scrunchie or cute hair clip. There are almost too many to choose from.

Image: Pinterest

5- Sweet Treats

Get adventurous and try some of the japanese style candy and treats available at Daiso. They may sound weird but they are super tasty.

Image: Akikowolf

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