5 Tips To Becoming A ‘Happy Healthy You’ This Winter

June 12, 2020


Winter is upon us, and along with the cooler weather, sneezes, coughs and sickness often come with the season. However, lifestyle and wellness platform Happy Healthy You is encouraging Australians to focus their energy into not only staying well but improving their health this winter.

Naturopathic physician and co-founder of Happy Healthy You, Jeff Butterworth says the seasonal change can affects our immune cells, decrease our immune system functioning, which can make us more susceptible to winter sicknesses like the common cold, influenza and other respiratory and related illness.  

“A key tip for staying healthy during winter is to be aware of your body and what you need to do to support your immune health. This can be either eating for your immunity, implementing healthy habits such as exercise or introducing natural therapies into your routine such as supplements or vitamins,” said Jeff. 

Global Naturopath, Lauren Scinetti says understanding your body and its triggers can help reduce your exposure to sickness this winter season. 

“Many people continue to go about their day-to-day lives and don’t realise the impact colder months can have on their health,” Lauren said.

“In winter, days are shorter so there is less exposure to the sun, which removes a vital immune booster, Vitamin D. People also tend to spend their time inside, and in close proximity to each other, which allows for easier spread of germs.

“Knowledge is power and knowing how to boost your immune system can help you manage a ‘Happy Healthy’ lifestyle during winter.”

Encouraging Aussies to stay well this winter, Lauren shares five simple tips to boost your wellness despite the cold:


  • Check what’s in your pantry and fridge


It’s important to nourish your body with nutrients and foods to support your immune system, ensuring your body can fight off any illness or infections. Start stocking your pantry and fridge with wholefoods like mushrooms (which regulate immune function), probiotic products such as coconut yoghurt, rice miso or tempe (which help modulate and innate the adaptive immune response). Healthy fats like salmon and avocado combined with Vitamin C and zinc rich foods like green leafy vegetables, berries, beans, nuts and seeds are also important staples. 


  • Introduce vitamins into your daily routine


Key immune boosting nutrients include Vitamin C, zinc, Selenium, Iodine, Vitamin A and Vitamin D which can help rebuild the immune system and are excellent bacterial defenders. Happy Healthy You also offers Happy Turmeric and Happy Greens which are bio-fermented liquid concentrates of different healthy and ingestible ingredients aimed to help enhance anti-inflammatory and protective actions.


  • Hype yourself up for exercise 


While it’s getting cold now, don’t be afraid to venture outdoors to get some fresh air and exercise – just rug up! Physical activity improves your body’s defence against infections by causing changes to your white blood cells, which are the body’s immune system cells that fight illness.


  • Find ways to reduce stress


Stress is the number one immune suppressant followed by sugar. Stress on your body can decrease your lymphocytes, which are the white blood cells that fight sickness, making you more susceptible to illnesses. Make sure to take time for yourself and find ways to reduce stress such as going for walks or exercising, learning to breathe through mediation or yoga, keeping a journal or diary and talking with friends and family about your concerns.


  • Make the most out of your sleep


During your sleep, your body releases proteins which help fight infections, meaning sleep deprivation can suppress your immune system function and decrease your body’s ability to respond to colds or infections. It’s important to get between seven and eight hours of sleep each night to boost your immune system. To get a better night’s rest, avoid looking at your phone or a screen right before bed (this stimulates your brain and disturbs the pineal gland function) and eating dinner too late. Hormonal imbalance can also impact sleep.

To help you stay on track for your winter health journey, Happy Healthy You has released its Happy Reset Program which includes a wealth of nutritious recipes daily and offers manageable exercises and wellness tips on a weekly basis. Additionally, the program provides educational information to support you in reaching your health goals.

The easy, at-home program costs $69.95 to download and empowers Aussies to start focusing on their health for the flu season. Join the community and download your copy of The Happy RESET Program by Lisa Curry’

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