9 Tips For Managing Endometriosis Pain

March 26, 2018

Image: YouTube

Heba Shaheed from The Pelvic Expert shares her top tips for Endometriosis month this March…

1. Eat a plant-based diet which is known to be anti-inflammatory
2. Avoid sugar and gluten. Research shows that gluten makes endo-belly pain much worse.
3. Eat whole foods such as leafy greens
4. Do not do kegels. Focus on pelvic floor relaxation exercises
5. Start the day with 5 sun salutations to stretch the hips and abdomen
6. Deep breathing relaxes the nervous system and reduces pain
7. Stretch your nerves just like you would stretch your muscles. Nerve gliding exercises are important.
8. Balance hormones. The issue with endo is too much bad oestrogen and not enough good progesterone
9. Eat more Vitamin C rich foods to enhance progesterone.

Heba Shaheed is a Women’s Health Physio and endometriosis sufferer.

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