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February 23, 2021

Annie’s C2C throw using Value Brand from Spotlight, with a gorgeous crochet edge she created


I will always be thankful to my parents for introducing the four of us at a young age on how to make things. Our skills and passions are vast and have carried us through life. They are catalysts for coping when things get tough. 

Our father taught us how to build and fix an array of items, although I ceased doing wiring work years ago, unless making jewellery (I smile as I say this, there are stories to tell).

Our mother taught us all the crafts and with my sister Annie who resides in Tasmania, we continue to share and learn. I am lucky as Annie is also a teacher and artist who constantly discovers new things to make. 

On every visit to Tasmania I learn something different whether it be a slumped glass technique, a new knitting stitch, or more often than not a new crochet stitch/garment.  

The latest piece is the C2C (Corner 2 Corner) throw that I am about to share with you. But let me tell you a little story first. 

My most recent trip was in December to January 2021. I was lucky to dodge the Covid hotspots when I left Brisbane and Melbourne and managed to include well-needed time relaxing with family in Tasmania. 

Of course, it was the perfect time to investigate what projects my sister had been experimenting with plus I needed to pin her down to fix my earlier attempt with my crochet waffle stitch throw (it looks like a waffle). 

Annie’s many and varied crochet projects, some completed others a WIP

It had been a year since I began my waffle project, put aside until I could get help as I kept messing it up. The corners were a little tricky and I misinterpreted the instructions.

Needless to say under my sister’s scrutinising, but not soul-destroying eye, my rectification involved unravelling numerous rounds of work including my emotions. I needed to let go for it to be fixed. Yet I am pleased to say I am back on track progressing forward on my own, error-free.  

My sister Annie with her completed Waffle stitch throw, in pastel shades

Having my sister assist in person was like a mum teaching a child new tricks. It took more than one attempt, double doses of patience, and finally a satisfactory outcome for both student and teacher.

  C2C Crotchet (Corner 2 Corner) Throw

Now back to my new project. I also craved for something different on this last visit and thanks to Annie, here is her C2C  throw. Even though my experienced sister may say It is really easy, I sometimes hesitate as our definition of easy can differ. This is my sister’s inspirational item in shades of pink.

Annie’s C2C throw using Value Brand from Spotlight, with a gorgeous crochet edge she created

Yet, I am writing about the easy C2C project I am presently working on and keen to share it with you because my sister was right. 

Not only is this a simple easy project to make, but the outcome also looks fabulous and not as complicated as it looks. I can happily crochet this pattern whilst chatting on the mobile with my headphones in or watching TV.

Wool and Crochet Hook

My larger C2C blanket/throw half-completed on the right about to decrease to finalise my square shape

I am using a 5.00mm crochet hook with this wool and pattern but you could move up to a 5.50mm if you wish.

For my first effort, I purchased Value Ball brand on special at Spotlight, normally found in separate bins, not in the aisles. It is between an 8-12 ply and the yarn is a combo of cotton and nylon. It is surprisingly good to work with. The variegated shades of colour are exciting to watch as they manifest like blossom beginning to bloom. 

Video tutorial

YouTube is a must for video tutorials and I found that Bella Coco, a British person, suited me perfectly. Bella uses British terminology although she also refers to US terminology. It is a great instructional video “CROCHET: How to crochet the corner to corner C2C blanket” with close-up visuals and she doesn’t rush which is even better. 

Sizing of throw/blanket

The throw size is entirely up to the creator. For my large cream and apricot throw pictured above, I am halfway through and decided to begin decreasing after 3 balls, requiring a total of 6 balls. It will end up approximately 110cm square. 

This second more colourful throw below will be a smaller size using 4 balls and I have just started on my second ball. 

My smaller C2C project trying out new colours

A fancy crochet border edge like Annie’s will finish it off perfectly but is not included in this YouTube tutorial. 

The next project for C2C will be fun, I can’t wait to use 100% Australian wool in darker shades using one of my multi-coloured skeins stored in my large stash. 

Give it a try sometime it would be a lovely, yet inexpensive gift for family members and friends or simply to throw it around at home – excuse the pun. 





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