A Spring In Your Step

September 6, 2017

Winter was the perfect time to give my feet some loving care and now that Spring is upon us I’m so glad I did. We all tend to wear more closed in boots and shoes in winter and with the drier weather comes dry, sometimes cracked feet. I spoke to local Brisbane podiatrist- Alyce Bell from All Podiatry & the Shoe Co in Windsor and asked for her top five tips to keep my feet in the best possible shape so that I’m sandal ready for Spring and the long, hot summer to come.

1. Alyce says, “Winter and Spring are the perfect times to give your feet a break from nail polish. The repetitive application of nail polish occludes the nail, making it the perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive.” I refrained from using polish all through winter and my nails look and feel so much healthier.

2. Skin becomes very dry in winter so it’s a good idea to, “have regular visits to your podiatrist to remove dead and dry skin. In between visits, a pumice stone can be an effective tool to buff away dry skin. Electric foot files can work for some skin types but be careful.”

3. Alyce also recommends the use of a foot cream, “The most effective foot cream to use contains urea- a strong emollient. It softens the skin and will work best when most of the dead skin has been removed. Pedicare Plus Heel Balm is effective as are most Eulactol products. Consistency is key!”

4. Choosing the right footwear for your feet is important. “Your feet shouldn’t be squashed into tight, ill fitting shoes. It’s always a good idea to have someone check the fit before you buy. “There are many fashionable shoes around these days which are also podiatrist recommended so try a few styles to find the ones that fit and flatter your feet.

5. Lastly Alyce suggests “For those of us who wear closed in shoes every day, try some moisture wicking socks to keep feet dry.” Great advice!

So if you give your feet some tender loving care this Spring, they’ll still be looking beautiful when Summer’s sparkly sandal time rolls around. Right, I’m off to buy some moisture wicking socks and foot cream to give my hard working feet a treat and ensure they are in tip top form through every season of the year.

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