Alison Moyet in Brisbane

October 12, 2017

Brisbane concert goers were treated to two of the best female voices around when a large crowd gathered at the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre on October 10. In the unfamiliar position as supporting act was Brisbane’s own Katie Noonan, who had earlier that day won an Aria.

Katie’s melodic, home grown set was a perfect entrée for the feast to come. When eighties icon Alison Moyet hit the stage the volume cranked up a notch and the superb lighting ensured she was centre stage.

Moyet has been singing and writing songs since she was 16, before becoming one half of Yazoo with Vince Clarke (formerly Depeche Mode). They stayed together for 2 and a half years before Moyet released her first solo album ‘Alf’. She has been singing ever since.

Alison Moyet has not visited Australia since 1987 (the year I was married). Yet her voice has remained unchanged since her heyday and we fans were in for a terrific time with not only blasts from the past but more of Alison’s latest techno work. Her smoky contralto voice was so recognisable from the first notes it was as though no time had passed at all and her loyal fans were in awe.

The Set

Alison began with new material from her latest album ‘Other’ like ‘I Germinate’ before delighting fans like myself with a wonderful rendition of her band Yazoo’s radio hit ‘Only You’ which perfectly showcased her husky vocals which were still in top form.

Beautiful moments came from her pared back rendition of 2007’s ‘The Man In The Wings’ an ode to Moyet’s gay fan base and tears were streaming down my face when she sang ‘The English U’ telling of her mother’s dignity and love of books and words before being struck down by Alzheimer’s. The still raw emotion and beautiful words touched my heart.

But most people were here for her radio hits and fans were not disappointed when her soaring voice melded with the pounding beat and techno synthesisers in ‘Nobody’s Diary’ and ‘Love Resurrection’. By the time we came to the encore of ‘Don’t Go’ the whole crowd were up on their feet and dancing. It was as if it was the 80’s and we were back at Sibyl’s on a Friday night.

Alison Moyet may now be a 56 year old, mother of three, but her voice remains unchanged and with her ninth studio album ‘Other’ under her belt it seems her longevity still remains. Moyet gave us all a night and a voice to remember and I hope it’s not another 30 years before she comes back again.

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