Allison Baden-Clay Foundation Highlight ‘Relationship Red Flags’ In 2019 Campaign

July 2, 2019

The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation’s annual Strive To Be Kind campaign will be fronted by an awareness campaign encouraging bystanders to spot Relationship Red Flags. 

The 2019 concept focuses on drawing attention and education to the non-physical signs of domestic violence, which can often be overlooked, but are just as crucial in the journey to prevent domestic and family violence within Australia. 

Foundation Chair, Vanessa Fowler is eager to shift the conversation and empower a greater understanding of all the signs which point towards unhealthy relationships. 

“When it comes to domestic and family violence, as a society we often focus on the physical signs. It is important for Australians to realise that the signs of domestic and family violence manifest in many ways, and that the non-physical signs are just as important to identify.” said Ms Fowler

“It could be as simple as a co-worker acting out of character by coming to work early and staying late- not wanting to be in their home environment, or someone receiving constant phone calls and text messages, when out with friends. Subtle signs like this have been highlighted through our 2019 campaign, and we hope to empower bystanders to speak up to aid prevention of domestic and family violence. 

The campaign will run throughout the month of July, concluding on Strive To Be Kind Day which will be held on July 26th, 2019. 

Here’s a preview of the Relationship Red Flag Campaign.

The Foundation also aims to light Australia in yellow on Strive To Be Kind Day, with schools and workplaces encouraged to get involved by wearing yellow and perform random acts of kindness. 

Schools across Australia are encouraged to host a free dress day on Strive To Be Kind Day, with students wearing yellow and all gold coin donations will go to supporting the work of the Foundation. 

Workplaces can register to sell ribbons on behalf of the Foundation. Registrations can be made at:


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