An Excellent Dog-umentary – Koko: A Red Dog Story 

November 3, 2020


There are many famous dogs in movies : Lassie, Rin Tin Tin, Marley, Beethoven and Benji. Here in Australia we have Red Dog. Red Dog is one of Australia’s best loved movies for all ages. This film was released in 2011 and became an instant hit with audiences worldwide. 

It was directed by Kriv Stenders and its producer was Nelson Woss who is also producer on this latest paw-fect pooch piece, Koko: A Red Dog Story. The film tells the story of the rise of the lovable Koko who earned the love and respect of all who worked with him on the Red Dog film. It intersperses interviews, footage from the film set, photos and  re-enactments which keep the viewer entertained the whole way through. You will smile, laugh, cry and cheer for this fearless and charming furry friend.

Koko: A Red Dog Story was written and directed by Dominic Pearce and Aaron McCann. Jason Iaacs from the Harry Potter franchise narrates. It shows Koko’s life from when he was a puppy in a small country town, through to his show dog days, until finally becoming a phenomenon in the movie and entertainment industry, before his happy days in retirement. The story shows Koko’s strange good fortune and innate ability to connect with people which allows him to charm his local community, filmmakers and the world.

Producer Nelson Woss says, “ It’s a love story about why we love dogs. Koko had an amazing life and his impact on people and communities is his legacy.” 

I found this film delightful and so very enlightening and know it will be the breath of fresh air many Australians need right now. It’s original and fun and satisfies the dog lover in all of us. It really is a celebration of the unique bond we develop with our canine friends. 

KOKO: A RED DOG STORY releases on Home Entertainment on November 4th. Fittingly a portion of the release revenue will be aiding The Dogs Refuge Home of W.A. The story of Koko is easily best in show and will warm the heart of audiences of all ages.


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