Another Pair Of Hands

July 21, 2017

We’ve all been there. Too much to do and simply not enough time to do it all.

The old “another pair of hands” plea that more often or not results in ……. nothing.

Well, help is here in the form of Alice + Albert, a Personal Concierge and Lifestyle Management service based in Brisbane.

It’s the sort of service that has been operating successfully in America and the UK for years (remember those old black and white family movies?) and is now starting to get traction in Australia as our lifestyles, encompassing work, homes, children and leisure, place greater and greater pressure on many people’s daily “grind”.

As Louisa Dyson, founder of Alice + Albert puts it, they are that extra pair of hands you’ve always needed and that backup best friend you never knew you had.  

“Put simply, we are here to do the things you don’t have time for, wish you didn’t have to do or really just don’t want to do,” she said.

“No matter how big or small the task, Alice + Albert will take care of your to-do list, your last week list or your procrastination list. Whatever needs to be done, with the use of our ever-growing network of proven, reputable service and product providers, we’ll handle it.”

Going by a recent Australia-wide survey called “Do more of what makes you happy” conducted by Alice +Albert, there is a big market for the help the company provides.

Three quarters of people admitted in the survey that domestic chores are the number one thing taking precious time away from socialising or spending time with family.

Not surprisingly, more than 77% of men are happy to outsource domestic duties and errands admitting to a feeling of a boosted status.

Not so women, with 53% of them struggling with guilt and potential embarrassment at outsourcing such tasks.

Three quarters of people admitted domestic chores are the number one thing taking precious time away from socialising or spending time with family.

Costs for Alice + Albert services vary from $79 an hour for a personal concierge to $150 for a weekly visit from your own butler to $95 an hour for help in your business.

All charges can be tailored for your needs and potential clients are encouraged to get in touch with Alice + Albert to discuss exactly what they are looking for on

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