Artist Inspired By Allison And Her 3 Daughters In Limited Edition Design For Strive To Be Kind Day

July 21, 2020


The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation has launched their annual Strive To Be Kind Campaign calling on Australians to spread kindness and participate in Strive To Be Kind Day on Friday the 31st of July.

Messages of kindness will be shared on the Foundation’s social media pages promoting the lead up to Strive To Be Kind Day in which schools and businesses will be encouraged to host a free dress day wearing a splash of yellow, decorate offices or host a morning tea to raise money for the Foundation.

This year’s fundraising efforts will be through the sale of merchandise designed by Brisbane artist Hillary Wall called ‘Dream Into Being’, which was created in memory of Allison.

Hillary said that the design features sunflowers, rainbows and clouds which made her think about the simple fact that we can’t have rainbows without rain. In order to create meaningful change, we need to understand where we are as we wish for and strive toward a better future.

Vanessa Fowler, Chair of the Foundation and sister of Allison, said that the 2020 Strive To Be Kind campaign will again focus on the concept of kindness, highlighting that if each and every person was simply kind to others, issues such as domestic and family violence would not exist.

“Allison was always known as an extremely kind and generous person, and we are so glad that through the Foundation we can continue to spread positivity and kindness in her name.”

“With the current stresses on our community due to COVID-19, it’s important to treat each other with respect, patience and kindness.

“This time of isolation can be dangerous for many women and knowing that we all have a voice gives us all the opportunity to be effective bystanders.”  said Ms Fowler.

On average, one woman a week is murdered by her current or former partner. Violence against women is a serious and widespread problem in Australia yet is also preventable.

On Strive To Be Kind Day, Brisbane City Council will once again be showing their support by lighting the Victoria Bridge, Story Bridge and City Hall in yellow.

The Foundation is selling limited edition merchandise on their website, designed by artist Hillary Wall.

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