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March 6, 2017


Over the weekend here in the UK, George Michaels’s old car sold at an auction. It was a navy blue, automatic, 14 year old Range Rover.

Image: Recovereuk/ebay

George Michael would have paid around £80,000 for it new and (if it weren’t his car) would likely go for around £6,ooo – £10, 000 at auction now.

It was online for 10 days, it had 154 bids and sold for £65,900.00, that’s around $105,000.00 AUD.

What took my fancy with this UK news story is not so much the car selling for top dollar but the backstory and funny bit that came with it.

The car was advertised with “a few scratches”.

Back in 2010 around 3:30am one morning – George Michael drove it into the side of Snappy Snaps – a small, bright yellow photo and print shop.  He was OK, but made a large dent in the side of the local shop wall, shattered some glass and bent their doorframe.


He waited for police at the scene and was interviewed.  Some weeks later he was arrested and charged and pleaded guilty to possession of cannabis and driving while unfit through drink or drugs.  He served eight weeks in prison, paid a hefty fine, and was banned from driving for five years.

That accident in this car just sold was the seventh time George had been involved in a police investigation into his driving.

The funny bit – in typical dry English humour at the bright yellow Snappy Snaps shop – right at the point of impact someone has taken a thick black pen and scrawled “WHAM!”

Another two reasons to love being an expat in the UK.  Fab musicians and that terrific English humour!

Tanya Bulmer is an Aussie Expat living in the UK.  She can be heard weekly on ABC radio’s, Southern Queensland Drive Program.


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