Aussie Men Romantics At Heart

February 9, 2018

Can you believe that 82% of Aussie men have admitted to having handwritten a love letter.

And with celebrities like Chris Hemsworth revealing recently they’re keen to keep the romance alive with a love letter, this Valentine’s Day we’re expecting a lot more Aussies to put pen to paper to pour their hearts out.                                 

Handwriting a love letter, walking on the beach and surprise weekends away are just some of the romantic things Aussie men like to do, reveals a survey of more than 1000 Australians conducted by online dating site, RSVP and Pilot Pen Australia.

“Every year around Valentine’s Day we publish our annual ‘love monitor’ to report on the romantic habits of Australians. This year, we were surprised to find that 80 per cent of Australian men consider themselves to be romantic but the majority of women (65 per cent) disagree,” said Mr John Johnston, marketing manager, Pilot Pen Australia.

The survey revealed that 82 per cent of Australian men have handwritten a love letter, 17 per cent have sent flowers, 27 per cent have booked a surprise weekend away and 74 per cent will write a Valentines card; 54 per cent write loving notes to their partner and leave them around the house.

In spite of this, Australian women ranked Italians as the most romantic (41 per cent), closely followed by French men at 36 per cent. Australian men ranked third in the romance stakes at 14 per cent with British men lagging way behind at just 8 per cent.

“The survey suggests that Aussie men are not backward at coming forward with romantic gestures – perhaps it’s time we give them a chance to reveal their true romantic natures,” commented leading couple counsellor and relationship expert, Melissa Ferrari.

In fact, Aussie men love a love letter, one of the most romantic gestures of all, with 82 per cent having written one and 94 per cent saying that if they received one, they would consider it to be highly romantic and 86 per cent saying they would much prefer a love letter than a text message.

When it comes to preferred Valentine’s Day activities, a weekend away was the most popular (38 per cent), followed by a romantic meal for two (24 per cent) and snuggling up on the sofa together (14 per cent).     



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