Aussie Votes The Mango As Their Favourite Summer Fruit!

November 28, 2019

A new study has revealed you can, in fact, compare apples and oranges, as Aussie mangoes are officially voted Australia’s favourite summertime fruit. Over 65 per cent of Australians (equivalent to 12.5 million Aussies) surveyed deemed the juicy fruit the ultimate seasonal snack, followed by grapes in second place and cherries coming in third. 

Mangoes take a bite of the cherry The ‘king of fruit’ can officially wear its crown loud and proud, with further research showing the east coast of Australia is where mangoes are most loved. NSW isn’t only dominating the State of Origin on the playing field, they’ve also come out on top as the state that pits mangoes over any other fruit (71 per cent) compared to Queensland and Victoria. 

Millennials are mango mad This news will be welcomed with open arms by millennials, who are among some of the nations biggest mango fans; 68 per cent voted mangoes as their fruit of choice in the summer, just ahead of baby boomers at 60 per cent. 

CEO of Australian Mangoes, Robert Gray, has said of the new research: “We’re absolutely thrilled to see mangoes come out on top, although we’re not 

surprised! The Aussie mango is an iconic fruit that’s full of emotion, wrapped in ritual and tied with fond memories. Not only are they utterly delicious, but they’re also packed with nutritional benefits and can be enjoyed by everyone!” 

Every day is mangonificent The Aussie mango season is currently at its peak, so now is the perfect time to purchase the juiciest and tastiest mangoes on offer. With the mango season already off to a strong start, it’s looking likely to be the best on record, with quality fruits hitting the supermarket shelves across the nation. 

The new research has landed just ahead of the first day of summer when Bondi Beach will welcome back the annual Mess-tival event on Sunday 1st December. To celebrate the sweet, sticky mess of mangoes in all their glory, this year’s event will see the iconic north end of Bondi Beach taken over by mango madness for everyone to enjoy. For more information on the Mess-tival event, visit:

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