May 12, 2021

Australia’s highly successful divorce retreat Detox Your Divorce has now become accessible to even more Australians with the release of an online course Detox Your Divorce: The Series.

Available in modules, which can be purchased separately, the first of a series of online courses is available from today, specifically created for those looking to deal with their separation in an easy to understand, supportive and informal environment.

Brought to you by Kalpaxis Legal and in conjunction with Dispute Resolution Centre Australia, the first instalment in this series is ‘Introduction to the Legal Side’. In this course, relevant topics and issues which may occur during separation are explained in easy to understand terms. Legal jargon will be simplified so you can prepare yourself for terms your lawyer may use. It will provide you with all the resources to give you the best start possible to approach your separation feeling well informed, educated about your options and supported.

“We wanted to bring Detox Your Divorce to more Australians, and know many people are still nervous to book a retreat while Covid-19 remains a concern. So we thought let’s bring all the valuable parts of our retreat online. This will give a taster of our Detox Your Divorce retreat, but means those struggling through separation, or even thinking about it, can become well informed and supported from the comfort of their own home.” says Cassandra Kalpaxis the founder of Detox Your Divorce and Sydney family lawyer.

“As the weather chills, research shows us people couple up and bunker down for the winter. This is a way those who are feeling unsure about their marriages, to become informed and educate themselves even if they are not ready to leave their marriage yet.” says Cassandra.

This is the first in the series of courses, with new topics added each month- which takes a holistic approach to separation. They can be purchased individually for $197 so people can mix and match to suit their needs, to create their own bespoke DIY Divorce kit

Future course include:

  • Wellness

  • Dating 101 after divorce

  • Children and Separation

  • Show me the money

  • Communication and co parenting 101

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