Back to School Survival Guide: Afterpay’s Top Tips To Minimise Financial Strain

January 15, 2020


School is almost back in session, and Aussie parents are preparing to embrace the chaos that comes with it. The beginning of term is one of the most expensive times of the year, $543 per child to be exact according to a recent study by YouGov for Big W, and it creeps up just as families have weathered the expense of Christmas and activities to keep kids occupied over the holidays. 

From school bags and shoes to stationery and lunch boxes, the list of back to school items is ever growing. These costs can be challenging, and for most families, it can be a stressful time. 

By opting to pay with Afterpay, parents can ease the burden of a back to school financial lump sum by paying over four fortnightly instalments with no additional fees or interest. 

To help parents avoid the strain and last-minute dashes to the mall, Afterpay has put together a back to school survival guide as well as a list of Afterpay’s top product picks for 2020. Afterpay retailers such as, The Athlete’s Foot, Big W, Marks & Spencer and Officeworks have everything you need to equip your child for the new year without breaking the bank. 

  1. Do an audit – what do you have from last year that you can carry over to the new school year? If it’s still in good condition (and still fits!) then there’s no shame in recycling for the new school year, and this will ensure you are not buying things you don’t need.
  2. Check out the sales online – it pays to search for sales that may have continued after Boxing Day or make use of those gift cards given as Chrissy presents!
  3. Leave your precious cargo at home – we all know kids love hitting the shops, but they also put pressure on you to buy things they think they need, but possibly could go without. By leaving them at home or shopping online when they aren’t around, you can ensure you stick to your set list and budget.
  4. One, two or three stop shop – a little research can save a lot of time. Find key retailers which cover all your needs.
  5. Save or invest? – it’s important to know what items to spend your money on. It’s often best to spend a little more on quality items like leather school shoes so they last throughout the year. Afterpay these items to avoid large upfront costs.

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