Barefoot Movement Hits Brisbane With TotalFusion Launch

July 7, 2017

The SheBrisbane team was treated to a HOT-Power (Vinyasa) class at the revolutionary movement studio TotalFusion which has made its way to Brisbane, launching in Westfield Chermside.

A facility with over 135 classes per week, 30+ different class types, across five different hot, warm and ambient temperature rooms, TotalFusion is set to shake up the fitness industry. The all-inclusive studio fuses an expansive range of movement styles from traditional, hot and aerial yoga, reformer and Pilates to functional training, suspension fitness, cycle and barefoot bootcamp.

An Australian first, the LA inspired, heat controlled fusion studio is built on the ethos of movement as a way of life; striving to change the way people experience fitness by providing a completely holistic offering that nurtures the body and the mind.

The multi-studio complex is equipped with state-of-the-art temperature, oxygen purification and humidity controlled systems that promise to extend the benefits of training and everyday movement.

Founder, Leon McNiece says the studio will be a game changer for the Australian fitness industry.

“Fun, mindful movement and innovation is at the core of everything we do at TotalFusion. We’re creating a complete multi-sensory experience for people, allowing them to renew, refresh and strengthen their bodies.”

“We want to blur the lines between fitness categories and challenge the idea that someone can only be either a yoga, a cardio or a weights person. It’s all important, and a mix of multi-discipline movement is essential to achieving a balanced body and mind,” Mr McNiece said.

TotalFusion offers the highest quality training products, merchandise and bespoke fitness apparel in collaboration with Lululemon.

The studio also features its very own healthy food bar, which will supply fresh healthy meals on demand. This, alongside Kombucha on tap, a tonic bar and a bone broth station, makes for the quintessential and complete wellness experience. TotalFusion also hosts club caliber music and a team of health and fitness professionals, dedicated to helping clients reach new limits.

Memberships start from just $24.95 a week, for unlimited access to classes.

To register for a TotalFusion Membership, or to find out more visit the website!

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