Beat Summer With These Hacks!

December 9, 2019

Pretty much all of November you could hear me saying “Wowee, it’s hot and it’s not even summer yet!.” 

Well folks, Summer is here and she’s gonna be a hot one! Get ready to dodge your seatbelt, blasting the aircon and fan simultaneously at full speed, and shout out to my curly haired friends who will suffer humidity frizz that makes us look like Guy Sebastion circa ‘03. I know your pain ladies. 

To ease the dreaded summer heat, we have compiled some simple Summer Hacks that will make life a bit easier over the holiday period. 

  1. Freeze Grapes
    Swap out ice cubes for frozen grapes. This hack will cool your drink almost immediately, without the worry of diluting your drink.

  2. Cover Your Gear Stick
    Here’s one for the manual drivers out there. Save yourself a lot of pain, and cover your gear stick while your car is parked in the sun. You could simply chuck a hat, or can cooler on it and it’ll save your hands from being burnt while you drive.

  3. DIY Water Slide
    If you have kids, or are a child at heart a fun summer activity that will be sure to cool you down is creating your own waterslide. Simply grab a tarp, your water hose and some dishwashing detergent and hey presto you have yourself a DIY waterslide. Just make sure you run the hose on the tarp before you start sliding so you slide and not stick!

  4. Frosé Friyay
    The adult version of a slurpee is a frozen Rosé. Do yourself a favour and grab a recipe to these as a cool summertime drink that is a bit of fun. It is a surefire way to impress any guests that you have over, and will leave you ‘cool’ in both temperature and personality.

  5. Slip Slop Slap
    Not really a life hack, but one which is common sense. The Aussie summer is very harsh, so make sure you are covering up your skin and protecting it from harmful UV rays. Australians are one of the highest populations affected by melanoma, due to our high level of sun exposure and outdoorsy lifestyle. Sun exposure can also speed up the ageing process of our skin, so keep your skin youthful and healthy by slip, slopping and slapping!

  6. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate.
    Ladies. Drink Your Water! Especially during summer when we sweat it all out so easily, it is important to stay hydrated. Buy yourself a cute water bottle and carry it with you everywhere. There is a new app called TAP which shows you business and public taps in the area where you can refill your bottle, so there is no excuse! Staying hydrated will keep you on top of your game, and you won’t be battling those headaches that stop you in your tracks.

  7. De-Hagrid that hair
    There are a few things you can so to tame that mane! Some simple things you can do include: 
  • Braid your hair before you sleep. This reduces the amount of movement, and reduces friction which can cause frizz.
  • Invest in some leave in conditioner, to give your hair some hydrating and make your hair more manageable. 
  • Sleep on silk. Purchase yourself a silk pillowcase as this helps to prevent hair breakage.

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