Beware The Power Of The Primal Woman

January 25, 2017

I was lucky enough to spend the last two weeks in the US with Olivia, my 15 year old daughter. Today is our last day here. We have watched the rolling news of the Presidential handover with fascination and intrigue as to what’s really going on.

This is so much more than politics. What Trump seems to epitomise and speak to is the patriarchal fear of the rise of the feminine.  He offers a tasty delight of old values and the security of how things were. Daddy’s home, he’s in charge and if we all behave everything will be OK.

To the awakened woman, this is abhorrent and will undoubtedly stir a sense of unease and primal rage within. It is no wonder then that women around the globe are taking to the streets.

To undo thousands of years of patriarchal conditioning is not an easy task. It’s in our DNA.  As little girls we were told to be kind and peaceful, don’t rock the boat, be pretty but don’t be too sexy and give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Why? Well if we look back in history women who didn’t conform were beaten, outcast and burned at the stake. Who would want that for their daughter? So mothers bought into the idea, listened to Daddy’s rules and kept their little girls safe.

The rise of feminism in the 60s was the beginning of the end of global patriarchal control. Women began to own their sexuality, decide when and how they would have children and started to really affirm their voice in society. For many men this loss of power felt emasculating; no doubt Trump epitomises a reclamation of their balls.

I sense as modern day women we have rested on our laurels.  We have taken for granted the struggle and sacrifice of our sisters that fought for our right to vote and on equal footing in society.

Thank you Donald Trump for the reminder. You have shaken us up and stirred a re-awakening of our divine nature. I doubt you understand the full power of the primal woman. Watch this space.

Jackie Harness

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