Body Without Boundaries, Movement Without Restriction!

July 18, 2017

As a former ballerina and flamenco dancer, I always had the need to express with my body. I love movement without restriction and this cannot be achieved with poor flexibility and strength.

In my nearly 20 years of experience teaching fitness I always look for new methods, workouts and exercises to help me improve flexibility and strength. My fitness philosophy is based on being innovative, creative and up to date with latest toning and exercise techniques that help us sculpt the body we want and have a stronger, more flexible and healthy one.

In search of this I created LRG 23 min Express Workout where I combine Pilates workouts with different toning techniques. This exercise is great for improving flexibility and posture, increased muscle strength and toning core muscles. You can obtain even more benefits by combining other techniques such as circuit interval training which assists in burning fat and muscle definition.

To improve/ maintain flexibility it is vital that you incorporate stretching into your fitness regime. Not only will it assist with joint range of motion, stretching can also improve circulation and posture.

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