Books bring bliss after heartache

November 8, 2016

“I think it’s about finding the right book at the right time in your life”

When Louise Roche lost her husband Steve, it was the worst chapter in her life.

Married for 18 years and best friends for longer, they had a genuine partnership and Louise says Steve’s zest for life was infectious.

A love of books was a common thread in their lives with Steve’s passion for new age spirituality, something Louise also became enthusiastic about.

Her decision to open Bliss Books and Gifts at Paddington was inspired by Steve.

“He had a knack of being able to connect with people and get them to open up. I want Bliss Books to give people that same feeling of comfort.”

Steve had suffered depression for many years and it started taking over his life.

“He was the last person you’d expect to have depression as he was always joking,” says Louise.

Steve took his own life in 2013.

Starting a new business without Steve has been a challenge for Louise but one she’s confident is the right direction.

“I knew with all my heart that’s what Steve would have wanted me to do”, says Louise.

Bliss Books and Gifts specialises in books of personal development and self-discovery, similar to those that gave Louise strength.

She also sells nurturing gifts such as candles and crystals to compliment the books.

A children’s section features books to help young readers learn how to cope with challenges affecting their lives.

“I think for everyone, it’s about finding the right book at the right time in your life”.

Bliss Books and Gifts, The Barracks on 61 Petrie Terrace/ Paddington is now open!

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