Brisbane Women Say Goodbye To The ‘Pale, Stale, And Male’ World Of Finance

October 24, 2019

A series of events by Ladies Finance Club designed to address the imbalance in Australian women’s financial literacy will have its QLD debut in Brisbane tomorrow night. Co-Founded by two Queenslanders Molly Benjamin (Brisbane, 31) and Betsy Westcott (Townsville,31) the event, Girls Just Wanna Have Funds sets out to eliminate financial jargon while making learning about investing and money fun and accessible.

The event will feature top financial experts including Sunsuper’s Head of Advice and Retirement, Anne Fuchs who will be talking about 5 steps to help women get super savvy.

“For many young women retirement is a lifetime away, but if you get on top of your super now, future-you will thank you,” Anne said

“A few simple steps now such as consolidating your super accounts, top-up your contributions and get financial advice means many more women will be better off in retirement.”

The night will also include:

  • How to set clear short, medium and long term financial goals – Beyonce once said ‘put a ring on it’ – we say, put a dollar figure on it!
  • Reframe what risk means to you – When you invest, risk can’t be avoided completely, the key is to identify risk, then diversify to manage it (like having a mix of flats, wedges and killer heels).
  • It’s not all about the sharemarket – To achieve real diversification, think beyond equities and consider investing across all asset classes. Remember, with shares you’re an owner, and bonds you’re a loaner.
  • You don’t need to be an expert – A lot of women get ‘analysis paralysis’ with investing. They don’t feel like experts, so they do nothing at all and pay the price of missing out.

Since launching in Sydney in August this year, their events have sold out with 100+ women attending. The co-founders believe this is because the financial industry is not engaging women properly and there is a lot of distrust in the industry after the recent Banking Royal Commision.

Co-Founder Betsy Westcott said “The world of finance is so male, pale, stale and full of jargon. We have seen success because we make our events social, engaging and most of all empowering. We get the best experts to break down the principles of saving, investing, budgeting, superannuation and tax”.

Co-Founder Molly Benjamin agrees “Sometimes women feel about money the way they feel about the gym weights room it’s intimidating, there’s a lot of males and little signage!  There are fewer women investing than men, women are retiring with 47% less super than men and 55% of women under 35 find dealing with money stressful and overwhelming, so we wanted to create a fun and safe space where women can come and learn together”.

Ahead of the QLD debut, events and corporate workshops including ‘Girls just wanna have funds’, ‘Debt me outta here’ and ‘Budget like a boss’, helped more than 2000 women in the UK break through financial jargon to take control of their finances under their British branch She’s on the Money.

“Our focus is on providing access to practical, easy-to-understand financial literacy education through events, courses and workshops to women who may have been previously ignored as a group of investors, borrowers and buyers, Ms Westcott said.

Other speakers include: Cara Williams from Perrier Ryan, Catherine Mapusua from Inception Finance, Anne Fuchs from Sunsuper, Betsy Westcott and Molly Benjamin from Ladies Finance Club.

Event details:

Thursday, 29th October from 6:30pm at PWC Level 23/480 Queen St, Brisbane City

More information can be found at

Co-Founders Bios can be found here:

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