What Does Busby Marou And Women’s Health Have In Common?

May 18, 2017

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Oh no, Jeremy Marou from “Busby Marou” had 2 heart attacks in one night and he is only 34 years old! The other half of the duo Thomas Busby needs him and so do we!

I love these two melodic Australian musicians and the thought of a uniquely talented young man close to “Farewell Fitzroy” was a reminder of the importance to do the right thing by ourselves and to avoid the fate of being a Busby Marou “Widow”.

I listened to Jeremy’s interview on radio when he admitted he needed to address his bad eating habits and incorporate more exercise. A difficult challenge for muso’s on the road let alone others.

This prompted me to think about my own lifestyle as well as my fellow women’s health, and eating habits in general. It is quite a challenge to “Keep Me” as you struggle to maintain a sense of balance within today’s environment.

By the end of the day when you arrive home from a full day of work, it is understandable if you feel tired, hungry and grumpy. If we are honest with ourselves, we yearn to lay our weary bodies on a couch that relates to our needs, and flick on the TV. I am sure this is how Jeremy Marou and possibly Thomas Busby feel as they “Wage A War” against poor health.

The last thing you feel like is to cook. But you know your body needs to be harvested with decent food not “Waterlogged” with beer, wine nor take-away.

So, Jeremy Marou, “Leave It Up To Me” as I have found a “Game Plan” to address your healthy needs. If you change your approach to eating and the way you cook, then you can shift your mental state into a better place.

It is called kitchen therapy and it can assist you to tune out, forget everything and help you to unwind and relax.

I know you have “Heard It All Before”and we women are a bit like this. But when it comes to issues related to women and men’;s healthy eating, I prefer to share it with you all now rather than “Over My Dead Body”.

I am a young older woman who wants to “Get You Out Of Here” with my cooking. I have a personal “Game Plan”for you to “Wage a War” against ageing and unhealthy habits.

Women also have a tendency to neglect themselves, as have you, and heart attack has become a common women’s health issue globally. We may not all be “Dancing On The Moon” musically around the Aussie dirt tracks and city highways but we do have a tendency to put others first. Time then becomes our enemy.

It is not all about “Luck”. Prior to “This Moment” I have absorbed a number of ideas from Jamie Oliver’s cooking shows on TV and found them to be a bonus.

There are dishes that you can prepare, as Jamie says, “in fifteen minutes”. Well that statement may be an exaggeration from the mouth of a professional chef. However my pics attached were completed in 1/2 hour and cost less than $10 AUD.

My message for one of my favourite Aussie bands, for women of Brisbane and women around the world, is to keep your meals simple, think about what is in the food and don’t make your health “MySecond Mistake”.

Note: all names in inverted commas are names of songs listed in the Busby Marou album “FAREWELL FITZROY”

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Ruth Greening
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