Christie Spaces Launches $4.5m Coworking Space, Common Ground

October 12, 2018

Brisbane is set to take its place on the list of Australia’s most exclusive coworking spaces with the launch of Christie Spaces $4.5m Common Ground on Adelaide Street in the CBD.

Coworking spaces have moved beyond the realm of just offering access to fast internet and good coffee and are now a global phenomenon, giving workers an advantage in a knowledge-based economy that’s fueled by an increasing need for information and connectivity.

Common Ground will be a centre of collaboration, a hub for technology and innovation, and bring together trailblazers from all sectors under one roof, unlike anything Brisbane currently has to offer.

National Brand Manager for Christie Spaces, Fusun Batey, says that Common Ground offers so much more than just an office, with elite services and resources, digital platforms, space flexibility, networking opportunities, and most importantly, a sense of community.

“Collaboration and community have emerged as popular reasons that businesses seek out coworking spaces, and recent studies have also revealed that employees in a coworking environment are happier and more productive,” says Fusun.

Common Ground is designed to be collaborative with spacious shared amenities such as bathrooms, kitchens, lounge areas and meeting rooms, as well as contemporary in design with curved steel finishes, high ceilings, and luxe lighting throughout it’s 1750 square meterage.

The space is home to large project areas ideal for collaboration, not to mention mod-cons such as a podcast room, a photo wall for video content creation, and even a wellness and relaxation area.

Sustainability is also a big factor in the decision-making processes with businesses not only able to cut costs on items like energy, data, printing and more, but also reduce their environmental footprint as a result.

Another key factor in the rise of coworking is rapid advances in technology. Coworking facilities allow businesses to operate with up-to-the-minute digital trends they may not otherwise have access to.  With a spend of $250,000 on IT infrastructure alone, Common Ground provides an unparalleled tech offering, as well as ongoing support.

Coworking spaces are also no longer just the domain of freelancers, start-ups and small businesses seeking to share costs and establish networking opportunities, with big corporations increasingly jumping on the trend.

Large companies, particularly those geared towards the millennial generation of worker, see coworking as both a cost cutting measure as well as an opportunity to attract and retain talent by providing an environment that cultivates networking and idea generation.

With studies showing that coworking results in a significant increase in employee productivity and happiness, and with the flexibility and cost-cutting it offers businesses, the allure of coworking spaces shows no sign of slowing down.

Common Ground is located at Christie Spaces in uptown Brisbane CBD (320 Adelaide St.) so public transport won’t be a problem with Central Station around the corner and buses aplenty on Adelaide Street.  Bike racks are available for those who like to cycle to work.

Common Ground will officially open in early October, with presales launching September 03.

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