Country Music Star Amber Lawrence’s Christmas Album

December 1, 2017

Australian country music singer, songwriter Amber Lawrence’s voice has been gracing our radio stations for the past decade, singing her way to numerous awards and number one spots on the country music charts. But this time around Amber has decided to get fully into the Christmas spirit by releasing a children’s Christmas themed album called Aussie Aussie Christmas, full of cheery, fun tracks that will have the kids singing along in the car.

“I had really enjoyed doing the kids music as a bit of a side project, so I just wanted to release another project and so I just thought what a better time to release music for kids than Christmas,” Amber said.

“For me that’s the most fun I have as a songwriter and I think with kids songs you just have to have fun, you don’t have to over think it. They don’t think whats the deep and meaningful of this, they just want a song that will make you sing along and laugh and that’s what we did, it was really fun.”

While next year Amber will be focusing on her own original music. “This year was about the collaboration with Travis Collins and doing another kids album and I guess I just squeezed it in by getting it out for Christmas.”

Amber’s favourite Christmas tradition always includes either a blowup pool or an in the ground backyard pool, having a competition over who can do the biggest bomb dives.

Nominated for a whopping six Golden Guitars last month, Amber said that to get six was just mind blowing.

“It’s quite gradual, because they read out the nominations one by one, so there’s one nomination and then there’s two and then there’s three and you start thinking I’ll be pretty happy if it’s just three. Then it’s four and by the time that hour of announcements is up, you go hang on a minute how many was that,” Amber said.

“Previous to that the most I had was three nominations so to have six is just a real validation for the song and the writing and all the effort that went into it.”

Starting in her early twenties, Amber’s journey in the music industry has been long lasting for 15 years, after initially deciding to follow her passion and leave her accounting job behind. “My music was my passion and when music, something that I loved doing became viable to have a career in, I had to make the decision and I couldn’t juggle both. It was kind of an easy decision to pick the one that actually made me happy as opposed to one that made me just get a pay check and not necessarily drive my excitement and passion, so it was a pretty easy choice,” Amber said.

Her plans for next year include writing and releasing her 6th studio album, she said that she’s not entirely sure on the theme but that it could revolve around stories about Australian people, events and characters.

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