Craft Your Story And Be Part Of History In Queensland’s Quarantine Quilt

May 21, 2020


I can’t call myself a quilter, not that it is necessary to be involved in a unique opportunity to craft my story into an historical quilt. Using my other forms of making and creating, I am taking part in the joint ABC Radio Brisbane – Queensland Spinners, Weavers & Fibre Artists (QSW&FA) project aptly named Queensland Quarantine Quilt.

All crafters of any age have a wonderful opportunity to capture a 15cm x 15cm snapshot in time for 2020. I heard about the project during an interview by dynamic duo Craig Zonca and Loretta Ryan on the 612AM ABC Breakfast radio show. The theme Quarantine Time Capsule is about featuring joyful and cheerful motifs that represent your time in quarantine during COVID19.

At first I thought, oh I have never made a quilt but as their interview continued I realised I only need to create one square using my existing skills. Submissions can be made from your favourite form of textile crafted in all types of techniques such as felting, embroidery, applique, weaving, dyeing, patchwork, knitting, crocheting, lacemaking, spinning.  

I immediately popped onto their website and downloaded the project information and submission forms. Each piece is to depict a snapshot of what made us happy and gave us joy. 

Wonderful I thought, and even better, the final quilt will be assembled by QSW&FA including the backing.

That’s when my creative mind went into overdrive and I dug into my stash. I knit, crochet, sew, make jewellery and I am a writer, all of which will be captured in my small square. We have been given permission to go wild, make it multi-coloured in bright, bold happy colours and use embellishments.

All we have to do is send in a single creation to ABC Radio Brisbane. For me, the special part is my children and grandchildren will be able to see my piece of creative history stitched in time for years ahead. 

It is hoped on completion the quilt will be displayed at the State Library of Queensland and also at next year’s Royal Queensland Show (The Ekka).  

Entries are sent to ABC Radio Brisbane, Queensland Quarantine Quilt, GPO 9994, Brisbane 4001 and must be received by 5pm Friday 5 June 2020. 

I look forward to seeing all the fabulous diverse 15 centimetre squares combined as one. 

Now I had better get back to my sewing machine.

612AM ABC Brisbane Radio



Queensland Spinners Weavers & Fibre Artists



Web page: 

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