Crazy (Young) Rich Australians

October 25, 2018

The Financial Review has released their annual Young Rich List, which countdowns the wealthiest Australians aged 40 and under. Unfortunately, SheSociety’s name was not featured, but hey- there is always next year right?

Celebrating its 15-year anniversary, the Young Rich List, it is a compilation of the top 100 wealthiest self-made Australians. This means all of the people featured made the list from their own merit. This year’s list saw a staggering record of $23.5 billion collective wealth across the board with technology remaining the dominant sector.

From the 100 people listed, there are 10 females who have made the list and kicking goals for women across Australia. When you look at the wealth accumulated by these women they are serious #goals.

The top five women featured in the 2018 Young Rich List include;

Kayla Itsines- $486 million (5,6)

If you have Instagram/Facebook Kayla Itsines would have popped up in your feed at some point. The fitness entrepreneur joined the list at a joint #5 and #6 with fiancé Tobi Pearce. Their combined wealth of $486 million makes them the wealthiest 20-somethings in Australia, crediting their success to their fitness app Sweat.

Cyan Ta-eed- $428 million (8,9)

Coming in at joint #8 and #9 is Cyan Ta’eed with husband Collis. The couple co-founded online graphic marketplace Envato,  and share combined wealth of $428 million.

Melanie Perkins- $177 million (17, 18)

Canva founder Melanie Perkins is the third highest female Young Richer Lister at joint #17 and #18, with shared wealth of $177 million. The SheSociety office thanks Perkins for creating Canva, it is the greatest thing since sliced bread.

Miranda Kerr- $52 million (52)

With no introduction needed, Miranda Kerr makes the list as the fourth highest female at #52 with $52 million wealth.

Emily Skye- $36 million (67, 68)

Another gal making fortune from fitness is Emily Skye, and comes in as the fifth top female on the Young Rich List. With a joint wealth of $36 million, she is #67 and #68 on the list.

What these women all have in common is their passion and relentless drive for their work. They are making serious waves in the Australian economy, and say kudos to them for getting out there and putting in the hard yards for their success. We say a massive congratulations to these ladies, and can’t wait to see more females make the list in 2019!

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