Creating A Pinterest Inspired Picnic Without Breaking The Bank

June 9, 2021

Thanks to Pinterest, Tik Tok and Instagram, picnics are the hottest rage once again. We’re constantly bombarded with short films and pictures of flower fields, sunsets with decadent picnic baskets and outfits that look like they belong in Vogue.

Fortunately, there’s ways to live out your ultimate Pinterest picnic fantasies without having to take out a loan to afford it.

These products were consumer favourites in the 2021 Product of The Year Awards, and for good reason. Each product is not only affordable, but delicious, aesthetic and perfect for your picnic basket.

Coles Finest Butter Croissant 

If you want to feel like you’re laying in a French field of flowers, accompanied by your loved ones and enjoying a stunning picnic, these butterey croissants are the ultimate taste of Parisian life. Made in France with the finest single season European butter using a traditional recipe, the pastries are rested for several hours, allowing the buttery flavours and aroma time to develop, resulting in an irresistible flaky texture and a delicious, rich taste. 

RRP: $3.50

Available at Coles Supermarkets

Mainland Cheese & Artisan Crackers

You won’t find a fancier snack, that everyone enjoys. Mainland’s crafted aged cheddars and Colby cheese have been paired with artisan crackers for a perfect on-the-run snack. The combination of savoury cheese aged longer for a better taste and sweet crackers baked in small batches for a light crispy texture create a great tasting snack. They look perfect on any cheese board or picnic basket and add extra colour to that Pinterest pic you’ll want to snap.

RRP: $2.50

Available at Woolworths

Coles Finest Mirror Glaze Chocolate & Hazelnut Mousse

The Coles Finest Chocolate & Hazelnut Mirror Glaze Mousse is a premium dessert made in Spain and is patisserie shop quality. The delicious mirror glaze was the first of its kind for major retailers in Australia and will make your picnic go from backyard basic, to a gourmet Pinterest spread.

RRP: $ 8 .00

Available at Coles Supermarkets

Coles Chocolate Hazelnut Slice

The Coles Chocolate Hazelnut Slice contains layers of chocolate biscuit crumb, topped with a plant-based chocolate hazelnut mousse and decorated with dairy free dark chocolate ganache and roasted Hazelnut. Made in Queensland, this decadent vegan treat has been proving a hit with customers with many not believing that it’s vegan as it’s so creamy and rich, and stunning enough to be added to the picnic!

RRP: $5.00

Available at Coles Supermarkets

All of these products won the 2021 consumer-voted Product of The Year Award.

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