Darcia Ondrovcik Is Reinforcing The Importance Of Mental Strength With New Book – Beauty In Strength

March 27, 2019

Brisbane fitness expert Darcia Ondrovcik is known around the world for her unique Beauty in Strength fitness regime which encourages women to achieve physical health goals whilst reinforcing the importance of mental strength.

But there is much more to this self-made mother of a 14 month old daughter who dragged herself away from domestic and family violence when only a teenager in search of a better, more meaningful life.

With focus and sheer determination she has become a renowned personality in the fitness industry with more than 10 years’ experience   as a trainer, coach and athlete around the world.

When not involved in her celebrated online fitness program  and personal training commitments Darcia travels around Australia  as a speaker and consultant to increase awareness of domestic and family violence  and offer support to those who have been affected. She also runs a twelve week coaching and mentoring course called The Shift Experience where she teaches women how to gain authority over their emotions and helps them find their souls mission.

As a result, she is an avid supporter of The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation, and ambassador for the foundation’s annual Strive To Be Kind campaign.

Having her own story with domestic and family violence, which she details in her new book Beauty In Strength – Growing Beyond Family Domestic Violence, Darcia uses positivity to motivate others and often fundraises for the Foundation through her fitness programs.

“Kindness starts at home. It means being true to my own feelings and values. If these are aligned then I am able to show true kindness to others,” she said.

“Kindness means accepting people for whom they are and not trying to change them – we can’t change anyone. It means being there for others through the highs and lows and showing compassion and support when needed.”

Darcia believes her experiences – how they influenced her life and how she ultimately overcame them – have given her the strength to share her story in her book.

Her mission, she says, is   to help people in similar situations  find their voice and start taking ownership  of their lives, with the aim of ending the cycle of domestic violence forever.

Darcia’s story begins with the 17-year-old leaving her family home in Dubbo against her mother’s wishes to move in with the son of her uncle’s partner in Port Macquarie.

“I feared that if I stayed in Dubbo, my adult life would only be a repeat of my early years,” she writes.

“Dubbo did not offer much opportunity for pursuing a successful career, especially in the fitness industry. It was time to try somewhere new.”

She got her first personal fitness instructor job in Port Macquarie and her passion lives on today bigger and better than she could have ever imagined.

The relationship that took her to Port Macquarie did not last which, like so much in her life, has been replaced with something bigger and better. Darcia will marry her daughter’s father next month.

Darica’s fitness program – BiSFiT – is helping raise awareness to support in raising funds for The Allison Baden-Clay Foundation. A small portion of your membership will be donated to this cause. Find out more and join the BiSFiT Tribe here!

Darcia’s new book Beauty In Strength – Growing Beyond Family Domestic Violence can be purchased here.

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