Don’t Forget To Thank Your Mum…

May 12, 2017

We all appreciate the mothers in our lives, there isn’t one day that goes by I don’t thank my mum for teaching me how to be strong when I feel weak or how to make a dinner out of the bare minimum in the cupboard. I thank her for being honest, even when I don’t want to hear it. I thank her for teaching me patience, and reminding me when I need it. I thank her for telling me I am beautiful when I need to hear it. But one of the biggest things I thank my mum for on mother’s day every year is for giving me my nanna.  Her mum.  My nanna is one of those people that the world loves to love. She is candid, she says what she wants and doesn’t care what others think. She is as strong as an ox and takes everything head on without fear.
Nanna’s are mothers too, so on mother’s day this year, don’t forget to thank your mum for giving you your nanna and don’t forget to thank your nanna for giving you your mum!
Written by Amanda Goddard

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