The Essentials Of Life That Contribute to Women’s Wellbeing

May 8, 2017

Women’s well being has always been on my list of pursuits. I browse articles based on psychological research, hold discussions with women about their issues and ultimately come to the same conclusion on how women cope.

A major contributing coping mechanism for women appears to be the female network, social interaction with each other and the ability to appreciate the simple things in life.

Recently I joined a small group of female friends at a ‘home party’ function, focussed on health benefits from the properties in Essential Oils. It was the typical girlie ‘get together’ where we are shown the goodies, purchase items to help the hostess, consume afternoon tea and catch up on normal women’s stuff.

We tested various oil combinations for use in a diffuser, learned about their benefits and were advised on what oils can be added to drinking water. That was a surprise, we consumed glasses of water infused with a Lemon essential oil (make sure you read the label). Even the chocolate frosting on the mini chocolate cup cakes had been infused with Wild Orange essential oil.

The room smelled divine as the quiet diffuser on display released it’s fine, cool, aromatic vapour. I found it all therapeutic. Like typical women we discussed relationship issues, family, work demands and chatted about our lives in general.

An important factor of the afternoon was our small group of Brisbane women was there to support our hostess, Liz, a work colleague, friend and fledging advocate of essential oils. Her long term objective has been to redesign her lifestyle.

Liz works full time in an office environment and seeks a career change that will fit in with her passions and family as well as provide a reasonable sustainable income.

After her first child was born Liz began her search for other options and started a sideline business making children’s clothes. Albeit satisfying Liz found this to be a drain on both time and money, plus her true passion has always been about the use of natural products in the home.

Liz’s change of direction began with a deodorant. She was keen to find something natural as a replacement for commercial chemically produced products. She was already a user of homemade household cleaning products made from bi-carbonate soda and Shea butter.

This is when she discovered “The Inspired Little Pot” who sell natural products online. It was here that Liz connected with the owner who is a doTERRA wellness advocate of essential oils.

And so the story continues. It was obvious at out girls afternoon that Liz had found her passion and has begun the transition to her new career path without the need to compromise her financial commitments.

When I left that day I felt happy and at peace, soon to realise it took only three essentials to achieve a sense of wellbeing:

1. essential to infuse the home with aromatic oils

2. essential for women to catch-up and share their feelings

3. essential to support fellow female colleagues to pursue their passion

It is not that difficult for women to deal with issues of today if we stick together and embrace the basics in life.

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