First Ever Dance Party To The Centennial Parklands Labyrinth

February 25, 2020

DAYBREAKER, a morning dance community of 500,000+ members in 28 cities around the world, is bringing the first ever dance party to the Centennial Parklands Labyrinth

DAYBREAKER, the global phenomenon inspiring 28 cities around the world to start their day by waking up at sunrise to do yoga and dance in iconic spaces completely sober, is kicking off a A Mardi Gras ONE LOVE celebration in the heart of Centennial Parklands. 

Imagine a multi-sensory party experience in Sydney’s first public labyrinth, one of the most intricate of its kind in the world. And it all begins right before sunrise. 

Since launching in February 2019 in collaboration with SEA Life Aquarium, the rapidly growing DAYBREAKER Sydney community has thrown sunrise raves atop the Observation Deck of the Sydney Tower Eye, and inside the Sydney Opera House in partnership with Above & Beyond for their Flow State album release. 

Sydney can expect a three hour experience that wakes up all the senses. The first hour will consist of a yoga with Emily Rogers or boot camp session thanks to the J’escapes crew, followed by a collective meditation with Chibs Meditation that flows straight into a two hour, high energy dance party. Featuring Soul Of Sydney’s DJ Phil Toke , Mirrah on MC and Dance Host with the most; Tommy Franklin Smiles as well as live musicians and performers, the party is designed to release the DAYBREAKER D.O.S.E., the brain chemicals responsible for experiencing happiness, as backed by the Greater Good Science Center. 

Special guests, live musical performances and theatrical elements will be sprinkled throughout to keep party-goers alert, awake and on their toes. 

Tickets are available at To support the victims of the Australian bushfires, $1 of every ticket sold will be donated directly to Vinnies Bushfire Appeal. 

Daybreaker began over a late-night falafel in Brooklyn, New York back in 2013. Social entrepreneurs and close friends, Radha Agrawal and Matt Brimer mused over an idea about dancing before the day broke with people they loved. The idea stemmed from a frustration with nightlife and all the stigmas that often come with it —a lack of human connection, people engrossed in their phones, overconsumption of substances, mean bouncers and the lack of dancing. Paired with a curiosity to explore the morning hours (a time that most people usually sleep through), DAYBREAKER was born. 

DAYBREAKER is centered around creating a community that values camaraderie, self-expression, wellness, mindfulness, and mischief to create a judgement-free, intergenerational, inter-continental, inter-everything dance floor. Since its creation 6 years ago, DAYBREAKER has expanded to 28 worldwide cities and is currently on tour with ww and Oprah for Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life in Focus 9 city U.S. arena tour. 

Thousands of people in Sydney petitioned to bring the movement to Australia which is what merited DAYBREAKER to take action. “”DAYBREAKER is a community, first and foremost,” said co-founder Agrawal. “It’s where we come together to unlock, connect and self express through dance. It’s amazing what can happen when you bring a group of people together on a dance floor that’s totally unapologetic and gives you a true sense of freedom.” 

”It’s amazing what can happen when you bring a group of people together on a dance floor that’s totally unapologetic and gives you a true sense of freedom.” 

Event Details 


Date: Friday, February 28th, 2020 

Yoga or Boot Camp: 5.30 – 6.30 Dance Party: 6.30 – 8.30 

Location: Centennial Parklands – The Labyrinth — Dickens Drive, Centennial Park + Free (non-alcoholic) morning beverages, breakfast bites & more (while they last!)

Dress inspiration: Everything rainbow  

 For tickets: Kids under age 12 get in free!

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