Five Ways Pool Owners Can Save Water During The Summer

January 20, 2020

Expert advice from Poolwerx – the healthy pool people

With water restrictions currently being enforced in many regions across Australia, Poolwerx has provided its top tips for conserving water this summer. 

Invest in a pool cover

Evaporation is the main reason for needing to add water to your pool. You can cut evaporation by as much as 95 per cent by investing in a pool cover, and save up to 10,000 litres a month. This is a cost-effective way to save money and water.

Switch to energy-efficient equipment

The equipment you use within your pool can make a big difference when it comes to water conservation. Why not try glass filter media, which uses less water on each backwash or a higher capacity cartridge filter that only needs cleaning once a season.

Check for leaks

A leak of any size in your pool will significantly increase water waste. Even the tiniest crack will be losing water 24/7, equalling hundreds of litres of water lost each day.

Turn down the heat

For heated pools, make sure you reduce the water temperature by a few degrees. The warmer the water is, the faster it will evaporate and the more water you will have to use to refill.

Adjust your chlorine levels

Ensure you maintain the correct chlorine levels for your pool while water restrictions are in play. This will prevent the water from turning green due to algae build up, meaning your pool will stay clean and clear for longer.

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