February 24, 2021


Who remembers the dude that cried his eyes out about Brittney back in the day? Chris Crocker ugly cried and put a video up on You Tube which went viral asking the world to ‘LEAVE BRITTNEY ALONE’… we all saw it and laughed… what we failed to see was the real manipulation and life that Brittney was living… Chris was onto something back in the day!

We finally get the documentary everyone has been talking about! Thanks to Channel 9, Australia will get to watch ‘Framing Brittney Spears’ next Tuesday the 2nd of March at 9pm. For years it has been speculated that Brittney’s father has been keeping her against her will. With many breakdowns in the public eye, one of which is currently happening on her TIK TOK and Instagram accounts, the word on the street is that Brittney for years has been force fed medication and kept against her will without access to her children. Britney Spears had a meteoric rise to fame before mental health battles, a toxic relationship with the media and exploitation by those closest to her torpedoed her superstar status.

Framing Britney Spears specifically explores the iron grip that Britney’s father, Jamie Spears, has had over her since 2008 under the infamous ruling – a conservatorship – that granted him control of her finances, business and personal life. Claims that Britney is mentally unwell and an unfit mother have underpinned the legal basis of her father’s domination, which is at odds with her ongoing career as a recording artist and performer.

The documentary examines the genesis of the #FreeBritney movement started by her fans which continues to gather momentum as they raise support about her plight and her fight for freedom. Using cues from Britney’s social media posts and court records, the movement has uncovered the lengths Jamie Spears has gone to in order to maintain control over her assets and her life.

The role of the media, specifically the paparazzi, is also put under the microscope. Images of Britney’s shaved head and smashing an umbrella through a car window during her public meltdowns add to the relentless intrusion and pursuit that has dogged the former pop princess.

Accounts from a longtime family friend, music executives, New York Times critics, magazine editors and other commentators piece together this tragic tale. The documentary also prompted an apology from Britney’s famous ex-boyfriend, singer Justin Timberlake, as the misogynistic treatment of the popstar was brought to light.

Get your girl tribe together and watch the drama unfold in this piece that has had the USA talking across all social platforms for the last few months…

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