Gluten Free Rice Cake Recipe

July 14, 2020


Although I am not gluten intolerant I have a number of friends who are. The majority of my recipes include gluten but I am keen to be able to offer my visitors the option of Gluten Free (GF) dishes. To be honest I am happy to consume GF food seeing it can only be good for you.

I have a dear friend in Sydney who is intolerant to gluten and she has trained me well on how to avoid contamination of knives when cutting food such as cake and bread as well as what to look for with packaged foods. But I want to be able to cook GF too.

Given the isolation and restrictions with Covid19 this has been a perfect opportunity to try out GF recipes and I found this simple cake online, made with rice flour.

I have already cooked and consumed the cake and although I needed to buy a few extra ingredients I found this recipe easy to make. I also froze a few slices, microwaved them wrapped in a paper towel for a few seconds and they were just as fresh as if out of the oven. This cake is superbly light and fluffy.

The recipe is a basic plain cake, the cardamom adding a slight middle eastern twist to the flavour. I served it with Greek yoghurt spread over the top dribbled with pureed frozen blue berries.

It was perfect and next time I will be trying out different serving options.  I also found it most pleasurable on its own with my cup of tea or coffee.   

Note: In Australia I had difficulty finding ‘powdered sugar’ and found icing sugar as its replacement. 

Gluten Free Rice Flour Cake 


4 eggs room temp

¾ cup powdered sugar (175 grams)

½ teaspoon salt

½ cup rice flour (60 grams)

4 teaspoons semolina

½ teaspoon cardamom powder


Grease & line base of 8-inch pan, brush paper with butter or spray with oil

Beat eggs and sugar until creamy and fluffy

Add in flour, salt and semolina and combine well 

Add in cardamom powder and mix  

Pour batter in tin

Tap tin to release air bubbles

Preheated oven to 180 deg

 Cook for 30-35 minutes 

Allow to cool before slice and serve


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