Greta Bradnam ‘From Broadway To La Scala’

September 15, 2017

#SheBrisbane caught up with singing maven Greta Bradman to discuss her performance in the show From Broadway to La Scala coming to Brisbane in December. According to Greta, audiences can expect “a lot of laughs and hopefully a few teary moments, but in a good way.”

“I think that we love to welcome people in a way that hopefully makes them feel like for that time when they are in the audience, we are all just one big family. It’s a really good time to enable people to kick off their heels and relax and not have to worry, they can be swept up in another world.”

Greta described it not only as a tight and professional show but with genuine, heartfelt moments and amazing music. “Our director does a great job in creating conversation in between songs and there are some hilarious conversations between Teddy and David, paying each other out.”

She said that working alongside Teddy Tahu Rhodes, David Hobson and Lisa McCune was the highlight of the show for her, “they are such incredible artists and we have such a great time together, it’s a real pleasure making music with them.”

Greta’s album Home is due to release early next year, inspired by all of the songs of her childhood. “Singing with my grandma and my dad, songs that remind me of really happy times surrounded by people I love and who love me.”

After having surgery on her neck last year, Greta wasn’t sure if she would be able to sing again, having to bow out of for any singing for 6 months. Missing it terribly, she said that, “I sing all the time, in the shower, when I’m doing the dishes, when I’m preparing breakfast for my kids, let alone when I’m rehearsing or performing and I found it really bizarre not being able to sing.”

“It was really horrible, but at the same time I guess it’s one of those situations where I focused on other things which I was so grateful for, such as my family and all the singing I had done already. It brought a lot of that into sharper relief and showed how much it really meant to me, and luckily everything turned out fine,” she said.

Greta is also on the advisory board of the Arts Wellbeing Collective and has a Master’s degree in Psychology. As an advocate for the better care and understanding of mental health and wellbeing, she shared her advice on the practice of mindfulness. “It’s such a great tool for busy lives, either in helping performance whether that be in stage, sport or work or even just talking with strangers.”

She said that it’s just like doing a rep of an exercise in which you need to constantly practice to become better at it. “The power is in those moments where you thank your mind, where you see your mind wander and gently guide it back over and over again,” she said.

Greta said that she loves walking to the train and tries to focus on green things in nature like grass or leaves. “Even sitting on the train like a curious scientist casting no judgement and observing my surroundings helps, it provides a sense of calm and focus as I carry on throughout my day.”

By Emily Facoory

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