Groundbreaking Fashion Combinations For This Winter

July 20, 2017


Practical, gorgeous and trendy, these winter outfits are an instant ray of sunshine for any occasion! This season is mainly focused on finding modern pieces and mixing them with timeless beauty of the classics, so you can add a touch of retro to your fabulous look, or stay in the minimalistic lane with a single accent piece to bring out your persona.

Either way, winter is coming, and it’s a promising one for your authentic wardrobe!

Bring on the bomber

It doesn’t matter what you’re wearing underneath – your favourite tracksuits and sneakers or your ripped jeans and a tee, but you should definitely face the cold with the comfy.

Ever since supermodels Kendall Jenner and the sisters Hadid have rocked their street style off the runway, the world has gone mad for this simple, but statement piece. Matte, glam, textured or plain old baggy, bombers are going to be the bomb of this winter urban-wear!

Go floral

Defy all winter laws and stay in the spring mood with the help of the immortal boho look. The devil is in the details, however, so you can wear a snazzy floral skirt, or baubles with nature- inspired motifs and with chirpy, bright colours.

Even if you’re not a huge fan of florals, you can pick a subtler solution such as a bandana or a brooch for your jacket or a blazer. Spruce it up with a touch of daring makeup, and you’ll have a look worthy or an Instagram star!

Minimalist with a twist

You enjoy your regular white shirt and black leggings? No problem! As long as you spice things up with the right accents, you’ll be the talk of the fashion town. Winter is all about bringing in some warmth, so break your vicious cold cycle of black, white and grey with some bold maroon, grass green or sunny yellow.

Mix and match your favourite jewellery with a colourful wrap scarf – it won’t just keep you toasty, but also bring out your personality.

Suit up

Sophistication is never a second choice, and it offers a whole range of work-friendly and relaxed options for any occasion. This winter will be all about a slightly more up to date variety of your Hermione Granger look.

Think: pencil pants or slacks with interesting patterns, and a blazer to follow your figure. Layers are also an excellent idea, so you can wear a shirt and a blazer as a blend, or just add a layered necklace to make it more formal.

Leather galore

Much like cotton and linen, another fabric that never goes out of style is of course, leather!

Luckily, it’s a versatile material that can be worn for pretty much every occasion, you can find numerous styles and colours to suit your character, and most importantly, you’ll wear it for years to come.

This winter, however, will be much more than your classic leather jacket. Consider light-blue leather skirts with interesting belts, and leather pants for your rebellious spirit.

Back to basics

Up for a coffee date with your besties or is it just another day at the office? Those deliciously comfortable, fancy classic pieces will instantly make any day better, no matter where you go.

Find your high-waisted jeans, pair them with your leather ankle boots and a cotton shirt, and save the best for last – one of your designer over shoulder bags and your camel coat. This combo is exactly what ice-cream is in the world of comfort food, irreplaceable and timeless.

Pure white

Getting rid of the winter gloom can be tricky business, unless you brighten up your look with the right palette. This season is for bold snow whites, and while a long white skirt and a baggy white sweater might seem like too much, you can use your makeup and jewels to add a pinch of the right colour to break the pattern.

But make sure to pick the right one depending on your preference, such as red or orange, because nothing should mess up your sunny disposition! This simple choice also leaves plenty of room for plenty of footwear combos.

Turtleneck reinvented

It doesn’t need to look or feel stuffy and boring, on the contrary – a fancy new turtleneck trend for this cold season is bound to have you searching for at least a few samples to mix and match until the next spring break.

Sleeveless, uneven, with shoulder cutouts or with slits on the sides, knitted turtlenecks are not to be underestimated, as they can be your go-to piece for rushed early mornings and easy- going lunch meetings. Mix them with your jeans, bold lipstick and you’re only your statement ring away from a perfect look!

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