Handmaid’s Tale Season Two Recap

June 6, 2019

Blessed will be our TVs tonight with the wait for season three of the Handmaid’sTale finally over!

Let’s all shout together… Praise Be!

If your mind is still clogged after the Game of Thrones finale then never fear, SheSociety is here! We have recapped some of our top moments to remember from Season Two!

The Handmaids Revolt

The new Ofglen bombs the opening of the Rachel and Leah Centre killing 26 commanders and 31 handmaids. Because of this, they are in need of Handmaids which sees Emily and Janine brought back from exile. Fred Waterford, is injured in the bombing which sees Serena seek June’s help in fulfilling his duties.

Gilead Was Born Because of Serena

It was brought to light that Gilead was developed from Serena Joy, who wrote a book on ‘domestic feminism’. This put forward the idea that women should pursue their duties of motherhood before careers. Eventually she was pushed aside and the men took over, and full blown Gilead was created.

June Reunites With Hannah and Gives Birth By Herself

June finally reunites with her first daughter Hannah, in a secret meeting arranged by Fred. Nick is captured whilst June hides in the house. After successfully escaping detection she is left alone in the house, and gives birth to a little girl who she names Holly.

She is later tracked down by the Waterfords, and Serena then names the baby Nichole.

Aunt Lydia Gets Stabbed

In the last season we were left wondering if Aunt Lydia would make it through to season three after being stabbed by Emily. However trailers for season three have shown Aunt Lydia looking worse for wear, but certainly alive.

Baby Nichole Is Smuggled Out Of Gilead

Serena finally has an ‘Ah ha” moment and figures out that Gilead is not a great place to raise a daughter. She then gives her to June to smuggle her out of Gilead. After stabbing Aunt Lydia, Emily is also wanting to leave, and eventually June entrusts Emily to smuggle out baby Nichole while she goes back for Hannah.

Watch the Trailer here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RcTvQx1Wot0

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