‘Hang out’ With Friends In VR

January 11, 2017

The team at SheBrisbane like to think we are up to date with what’s trending in the digital world and it turns out our predictions for 2017 are true!

According to Lance Ulanoff, editor at Mashable, virtual reality will remain among the most important developing technologies in the coming year.

For those of you who are new to the term Virtual Reality, VR is a fully immersive computer simulated environment that gives a user the feeling of being in that environment instead of the one they’re actually in.

It was also announced on Mashable that Facebook is releasing two new updates for Gear VR aimed at enabling more social experiences: Parties, a VR version of a phone call, and Oculus Rooms, a space where you can virtually “hang out” with friends.

Parties, sort of like Facebook’s version of Face Time for VR, allows up to three people to connect and speak to each other while in virtual reality. The goal, says Madhu Muthukumar, product manager at Oculus, is to provide an easy way for friends, who may be in different physical spaces, to connect in virtual reality.

The feature creates a virtual space that looks a lot like a living room where friends can play games, watch video or otherwise “hang out” with each other’s avatars.


All on board from the SheBrisbane team and for anyone trying to overcome the challenges of a long distance relationship, this could be a saviour…

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