How To Make Sure Your Mechanic Isn’t Ripping You Off

August 30, 2018

Going in for your routine car service and coming out with a bill bigger than expected is unfortunately a shared experience for a lot of women.

Australia’s leading car servicing comparison website, AutoGuru, the for mechanics and quotes over $10 million in-car servicing and repairs every month. With nearly half of their users being female, AutoGuru has confirmed that women are almost twice more likely to book a mechanic online than men.

AutoGuru wants you to get the best deal possible for your car service, so here is some valuable tips that will ensure you don’t get taken for a ride by your local mechanic.

Shop around on repairs

Women are more willing to undergo thorough investigation to understand what is included in their service. However, getting the best deal for a car service no longer needs detective level research. AutoGuru allows you to compare quotes and read reviews to ensure you are getting value for money. The network includes over 1600 of the highest rated and most trusted mechanics all at your service.

Know what you’re getting service and asked to be notified of extra costs

Read your owner’s manual and confirm with your mechanic about the repair and maintenance your car is in for when you drop it off to be serviced. Before paying check for any surprise extras on the bill as soon as you get it. Don’t feel shy to question anything on the invoice that you don’t understand, your mechanic should be happy to explain.

Service your car on time

To keep your car in top condition and roadworthy, be sure to keep an eye on your service date in your owner’s manual or kilometres. Most mechanics will leave a sticker in the top corner of the windscreen with your next service details. Also to avoid costly repairs, make sure to get any issues rectified as soon as possible as a problem that is ignored is likely to worsen.

Not all mechanics are out to rip you off, but by doing your homework with AutoGuru you will be at the top of the mechanical game.

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